LPG? Solane, Dapat Lang! + promoting Filipino Values

Who doesn’t know Solane? They are every mommies best friend specially when it comes to cooking. And since they are every mommies best friend, Solane launched their advocacy campaign that aims to remind customers of the importances of family and positive Filipino values.

The campaign will be nationwide campaign which you will hear and read on the radio and newspaper, social media and online videos. They will also showcase a mom cooking the best dishes for the family.  The campaign will be called as, Dapat Lang, they also have new website wherein you can order online and be delivered to your doorstep.

The first part of the campaign is that they have rebrand and provide consumers with high-quality, safe, reliable LPG.

We value our consumers’ safety and we ensure that it is our key priority. We also value our customer’ trust by providing excellent products and services that are well worth their family’s hard-earned money” – Mr. Domingo, ILC CEO

ISLA LPG is also conducting regular safety seminars to consumers as well as to communities nationwide. That is how dedicated they are to their consumers and they will always ensure their safety first. Kaya don’t look for any other LPG because, Solane lang ang LPG brand na DAPAT LANG!

To know more about the campaign, Dapat Lang, visit Solane’s new website, www.solane.com.ph and Facebook Page /Solane.ph

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