Love, Pain and Tattoo

I got my very first tattoo last year and until now I really can’t imagine that I will have the courage to do it. Since I was a kid I am so afraid of upsetting my parents that is why I always do whatever they wanted I’ll always follow and do it for them (I think I almost do all the things they want me to do). I am always afraid of letting them down and failing their expectations, but here I am I got a tattoo at 28.

A lot of people specially my friends are asking why I did it, I told them “It’s a reminder that I should be strong no matter what,” until I got my second and then this year my third and biggest tattoo. And again a lot are asking why? So here’s the thing for me. Whenever I get a tattoo I can feel the pain, but I love the outcome after the painful part. I think I am equating it to all the pains and struggles I feel specially during my journey being a teenage mom until I became a cancer patient. Not all of my you may understand what these tattoos are for me, but I think the simplest answer I can give is that, I am so much numb to all the pain I am feeling right now and I think that inked woman like me is really different, it may seem to be so crazy letting the needle go through your skin. So, I listen below why we or I am so different.


This is my recent tattoo.

Here’s why women with tattoo are different:

They believe in forever

I know this is really ridiculous, but tattoo will be forever here in my arms and I am also thinking that I can never afford to have it erased because that would cost a lot of money. And on the serious side, I am also hoping for forever, I want to live longer than expected of me, knowing that I have a year left haha 🙂 but I am still hoping for forever maybe in love or in life.

They believe in feeling comfortable in an uncomfortable way

Wait what? maybe you are now feeling very out of this world and you are thinking that I am crazy. But here’s the thing, whenever you get a tattoo you need to sit still, because when you move even just a bit the artist might get disrupted and the beauty of your tattoo might suffer. Applying this in real life I think girls with tattoos tend to adjust in the way of life of what their man can give. She can adjust to a life what her man can give, she would not as for luxurious thing if she knows her man can’t afford it.

They believe in No Pain, No Gain saying

Imagine you wanted a tattoo, but really afraid of the pain. Oh common! how can you achieve the tattoo of your dreams if you are afraid of pain? Imagine that you and your boyfriend broke up, how painful is it? You can never take away that pain easily and that’s how life is. Like tattooed women, they are not afraid to get hurt and before you know it they are now standing up after a deep downfall. We can never control the pain that comes into our life, we just need to accept it and go on in our lives.

If you have any other inputs about tattooed women just comment it below, I would love to read all you suggestions and violent reactions 🙂

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