A love – hate relationship

My mother and I have a very active relationship. Why? Because we always argue about small things and after arguing we end up laughing at ourselves and making fun of each others reaction when we argue. I was really lucky enough to have Thess as my Mama. I am an only child so I don’t have competition when it comes to her attention.

We mostly argue about my eldest son since he’s living with her. We have a different perspective on how we will bring up a gay child. I was more on the relax side and say that he can do this and do that on the other hand, my mom is really a typical mom more restrictions and more like a real Mama. This sometimes confuses my son to which he would follow. So the tension sometimes started from that simple action.


I love her to death and we always end up laughing at things that we do stupidly special when we do argue. Our bond is so strong that sometimes we end up texting or chatting even if we are still not talking to each other. I am never also talking behind her back even if I talk to other people about her, you would think how was that? She always knows what I talked about her and sometimes we even plan about it. We are so devious about people who are so happy to see us quarrel or argue. That’s why we sometimes planned about it and laugh at them when they go blabber mouthing it.


I hate her. I don’t literally hate her, but sometimes I feel like she’s always on my son’s side which is so unusual to everybody. Sometimes I forget that Ahia and I are mother and son. So I end up jealous of Ahia when my mom would reason for him, which is what I really admired from my mom, I know she will fight for my son especially those people who criticize gay people.

At the end of the day she’s always been my mother and no other person can replace her. Many people may not understand us, but we don’t care. She would always tell me

Wala sila pakialam sa atin. Ito tayo at yun sila. Baka idol nila tayo kaya ganun?


People may condemn us about our relationship, but they don’t know the story behind it and I am so grateful for having her and I know she’s really proud of what I am now and what will I be in the future. How about you? Do you have a love – hate relationship with your mother?






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12 thoughts on “A love – hate relationship

  1. I treasure my relationship with my mom. She’s the best for me. We don’t have a love-hate relationship, only love, hahaha! But that doesn’t mean we always agree on everything. We just accept to respect each decision that we make while at the same time open to suggestions. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. haha…YES! I love my mom to death…and I know she loves me too, but she dreads the day that she will have to live with me because we are so different.

    Growing up, I have to admit, I didn’t know any better, I disrespected her a lot, but now I’m trying to make up for it. Although I have my convictions and when it comes to our family, we respect her opinions and do follow the ones that apply to us. However, we also put our foot down on the things that go against the direction our family is going. I try to be more honoring of her, though,when I do this. 🙂 I’m glad I have a husband who loves my mom and would never do anything to hurt her feelings.

  3. I envy daughters who had special relationships with their moms. I wish I had that kind of friendship with my mom. This is the same reason why I always make it a point to bond with my daughters. So that in the future, even if they found their girl and boy friends, they will still seek for me for my company.

  4. I also have the same relationship with my mom eversince the world began. She scolds me, gives me what I want, restricts me, but still loves me unconditionally – even if I’ve done the worst for her. Still I’m thankful she’s my mom! 🙂

  5. my mom and i are, i think, walking a very thin line right now.. we argue a lot, we don’t see eye to eye most of the time but regardless, i do love her and i know that she still loves me… i think that is why it hurts that i do not feel confident confiding in her because i am not sure she really gets where i am coming from… it will take time before we can really come to terms and repair our relationship

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