Longchamp 2016 New Collection

Longchamp was indeed the most counterfeited bag I know, I’ve been receiving tons of email about their bags and I’ve looking for the perfect online partner to revert my reader’s golden question, “Where can we buy then?” and I have not yet answered them. I always ended up asking them to go to Longchamp Store because that is the safest route to go when buying your very first or your hard earned money.

I’ve checked their site awhile ago and I am again inlove with what I see, though I have seen this bags before (when I wrote the bag alert something..) and here’s what I found.

Lonchamp Le Pliage Cuir Cody

These babies are $510 and it comes with a strap like the Neo. Here’s a little info about Le Pliage Cody:

This little handbag with a detachable shoulder strap features a body that is half suede-style calfskin, half metis leather, boasting a graphic folk-inspired topstitched braid.

Le Pliage Cuir Cody reinterprets the Le Pliage Cuir line and owes its name to the city of Cody, founded by the legendary Buffalo Bill. Set off with a topstitched braid and tassels that highlight their folk style, the bags in the line come in warm colors that evoke the landscapes of the Far West. – Longchamp.com

Le Pliage Cocarde

Cocarde comes in two versions the handbag and the cross body here’s more info about the handbag:

This medium handbag has a detachable shoulder strap so that it can be worn as a shoulder bag and is crafted in compact wool featuring the line’s iconic cockade.

Accented with a leather cockade with the Longchamp Paris 1948 logo, the Le Pliage Cocarde bags proudly sport the colors of their French brand, using the Le Pliage bag as a blue, white and redstandard or adopting the very shape of the cockade badge itself. For an informal tricolor look. – long champ.com

*all photos are from us.longchamp.com

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