List on how Cebuana Lhuillier helps in the growth of micro entrepreneurs

Many of us Filipinos have a dream of owning their own business.  Some of us may have even started at a young age.  A student selling candies, pad paper or stationery to his fellow classmates are some example of being a young entrepreneur.  Then after some time, the entrepreneurial dream grows and it starts to widen its horizon, maybe  including home made pastries, a sari-sari store or small grocery, a fleet of tricycles and other small scale businesses.

The country’s leading microfinancial institution, Cebuana Lhuillier, recognizes this potential and aims to help strengthen the chances of Filipinos succeeding in entrepreneurship through a financial literacy campaign that showcases the available support for micro entrepreneurs today.


There are Cebuana Lhuillier products that provide for the needs and protect the resources of micro entrepreneurs – from micro insurance products to immediate financial assistance.

Keeping small businesses safe

One of Cebuana Lhuillier’s micro insurance products is the Alagang Cebuana Plus which offers affordable personal accident and fire insurance. For only P25, the holder is covered from accidental death, dismemberment, and disablement for P20,000, with an additional P5,000 coverage from fire. The coverage is valid for four (4) months.

There are other Cebuana Lhuillier micro insurance products that help micro entrepreneurs protect their investments and resources against various risks.

Banking without the bank

Nowadays, payment options available for businesses, no matter how small, include transactions that do not go through the banks. Social networking platforms have become the new marketplace that offers products ranging from home-baked goodies, imported candies and chocolates, second hand clothes and bags, and almost anything under the sun.

Micro entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this to grow and reach a wider market. With the help of Cebuana Lhuillier’s 24/7 Pera Padala nationwide operations, they are able to receive payments sent from across the country, in real time, hassle-free and without the need to open an account.

Easy-Access Funds

No matter how small the business, it is integral to have easy access to funds in the course of the operations. Cebuana Lhuillier offers a nationwide pawning service that can address the need for funds for sudden business expenses.  Its high appraisal rates, low interest rates, flexible terms, hassle-free transactions and 24/7 operations for select branches, make Cebuana Lhuillier’s pawning services the perfect partner for micro entrepreneurs.

With the help and support from microfinance institution like Cebuana Lhuillier, the challenge of becoming a successful entrepreneur and can be obtained.

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