Life lately

I’ve been not in my self lately and many things just happened to me and in the people around me that I just shut down and completely don’t want to go out. I just have the toughest time now and hindi ko alam if how and if I can cope up with my life lately. I just realise that life indeed is too short and now I am just too scared of “death”. I am just not prepared, I thought I am prepared, but I really am not. Minsan, I forgot what’s my purpose really in life? Lahat ba ng ginagawa ko is tama and should I really do it? I am just not my self anymore and I just felt that I need to claim my old self and I don’t know how and should I do it?

I have sleepless nights for about 4 days now and I just can think straight and I don’t know if tomorrow will still shine on me. I am so happy and satisfied on what I have achieve specially on my blogging career, but sometimes I just felt that I don’t want to be close to somebody because I am too afraid if I lose that person it will be so hard for me to move on and see how life is so beautiful. I just want to be alone and not talk anymore.

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