Let’s help our kids train their brains for a superior performance in school, sports and life!

Our kids are very important to us and we always wanted to help them in anyway. That is why we should equip them with the tools that they need to learn and to help them well throughout their school years. That is why BrainFit have this idea to help parents to train their kids to succeed. BrainFit is a program that seeks to train kids’ brains to make them fitter and more receptive to the lessons school—and life—have to offer them.

Strengthen the power of a Childs’s Mind

Not sure how it works? Here’s how it breaks down. When you talk about physical fitness, you think about five pillars that determine how fit a person is: strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, and coordination. Brain fitness has five pillars too: sensory-motor, attention, visual, auditory, and social-emotional. Now, you can start your fitness regime at any age, but when you start young, this helps develop the habits of a lifetime—not to mention reap the benefits from an early age. Enrolling your kids in a program at BrainFit Studio helps your children rewire their brains to be fitter, and that means processing information faster and more accurately.

As BrainFit Studio’s Jeanette Co puts it, “If you think of your brain as a vessel for knowledge, like a bowl holding water, BrainFit helps you make sure that bowl gets bigger and stronger, and that there aren’t any leaks, so that you can hold more for a longer period of time.”

The Program

BrainFit’s training uses the SMART protocol based on neuro-scientific training: S is for setting appropriate and achievable goals, M is for measurement, A is for adaptation, R is for rewiring through focused practice, and T is for transformation of the brain and the individual.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a BrainFit program, the first step is a CognitiveMAP Assessment. In the same way a personal trainer will first try to determine not just a person’s level of physical fitness but also the areas that need the most improvement, BrainFit Studio’s program starts with a series of tests and exercises designed to identify your child’s brain’s fitness level and the strength of each of the five pillars.

This assessment will be used to customize a program that will help your child achieve brain fitness in all five pillars, through a combination of the five training regimens.

  • SMART Moves involves improving sensory-motor coordination. Exercises for this fitness program includes enhancing fine motor strength with the help of special putty, using a vibrating “Wiggle Pen” to improve control (and handwriting), and other activities that help your child achieve better balance, endurance, and so forth.

Smart Moves

  • SMART Vision is all about visual and spatial processing. Some exercises may challenge the child to process shapes, colors, and directions they read while performing physical activities like jumping on a trampoline as well as a series of hand-eye coordination exercises, drawing exercises, tangrams, and even specially designed computer programs and apps to develop this area of the brain. In a Singaporean study of the exam results of boys who took six months of SMART Vision training in 2001, schools reported a 25% increase in overall marks, a 35% improvement in English, 50% in mathematics, and 12% increase in foreign language skills.

Smart Vision

  • SMART Listening helps develop auditory and language processing skills. BrainFit Studio uses a scientifically proven program designed to improve attention, comprehension, and auditory memory. These use cute and colorful animations to make the experience more fun for the child.
  • SMART Focus uses neuro-feedback technology also used by NASA and the US Air Force to monitor kids’ brains while they perform exercises to improve attention and memory. Don’t worry that your child will be hooked up to wires like something out of a sci-fi movie, though! This equipment looks more like a biker’s helmet, and it tracks the active parts of your child’s brain while he engages in specially designed programs that train his brain to focus better. Following SMART Focus training, a test group of kids showed an average improvement of 12% in attention and 14% in impulse control.

Smart Focus

  • SMART Emotions is all about EQ; it teaches social-emotional self-regulation to help kids handle their moods, learn to relax, and deal with various social situations. These are achieved through a workshop course designed with sessions for just the kids as well as ones with the kids and their parents. Through guided role-playing and other activities, children learn how to express and handle their emotions in efficient ways and deal with social situations that may not always be comfortable.

While these programs are designed for kids aged five and up, BrainFit Studio also offers a BrainFit Junior program for three to five year olds which will help kids develop their fine motor coordination and core stability, but also their ability to listen to and follow directions, take turns, and recognize feelings. Brainfit Studio will also be launching a BrainFit Baby program in the second half of 2016, which will target babies from nine months to three years old and require more hands-on participation from the parents.

Get BrainFit!

Learn more about BrainFit’s curriculum and offerings by checking out their website, www.brainfitstudio.com, or visiting their Facebook page at Facebook.com/BrainFitStudioPhilippines. You can also visit the following branches (where you may ask for a free trial for your child):

  • Greenhills
    3F 224 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan
    Tel: 725-8500; 668-2719; 0917-5991992
  • Manila:
    Unit 7, 140 MayhaliqueSt corner Masangkay Street, Broadview Towers, Santa Cruz
    Tel: 554-0381; 0917-7761689
  • Quezon City:
    412 NS Amoranto Street corner Speaker Perez, Barangay Maharlika, Quezon City
    Tel: 216-4130; 0927-5593574; 0917-5732107
  • BGC:
    9th Avenue Preschool, M Level, ACTIVE FUN Building, 9th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
    Tel: 0906-4504416
  • Davao:
    Unit 3B Bajada Plaza, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City

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