Let us celebrate World Health Day with Safeguard



It was really a privilege to be part of the launched of Safeguard, Health Watch. And we celebrated it with a fun and knowledgable day with Red Cross, Unicef and Safeguard.

The lovely set up during the event.

I’ve been using Safeguard since I was a kid and I still use it now with my kids. I believe that it can help my kids to be clean and germ free and also to stay away from harmful viruses and bacterias that can cause diseases.

I think the annual celebration of World Health Day is a reminder that we should take care of ourselves, our family and the community. With a little help from us, mommies more moms will be aware that hand washing and using the right soap will prevent our kids to get diseases.

Representative from UNICEF Philippines

The talk was really interesting because, I’ve learned about the state of the children. I’ve been feeding and treating children every year during my birthday to let them have at least one sumptuous food and toys for the day, but as per UNICEF feeding them at this time is too late and that makes me sad. Here’s the report about the state of the Filipino Children, A Decade of Tracking Progress for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Survival” conducted in 2015, the Philippines is among 26 countries which have contributed to 80% of global deaths of children under 5 years old.

A representative from Philippine Red Cross. teaches us on how to do first aid

A report by A Promise Renewed cited that 3 out of 100 children under 5 years old in the Philippines die due to neonatal health conditions (45%), pneumonia (18%), and diarrhea (7%). As any mom would know, any child’s death is one death too many – particularly when some of these deadly diseases are easily prevented through the simple act of handwashing. Handwashing with soap and water helps reduce the incidence of diarrhea among children by up to 50% and respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia by up to 25%. Among infants, handwashing has also helped reduce infections, which constitute 16% of neonatal conditions.

Procter & Gamble, UNICEF and Philippine Red Cross

So with this growing problem, Procter & Gamble, through Safeguard, partners with UNICEF. To implement WASH, Water, Sanitation and Health Program to teach children about the right way to wash their hands to reduce getting infectious disease, germs and bacteria.

To cap the event, Philippine Red Cross also taught us on how to be a first aider to kids and the people around us. I learned that we should all be attentive and do not panic in times of emergency, we should be calm and always be vigilant to help people who are in need.

Congrats to Safeguard for making our family safe for 50 years now and counting!

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