Let our kids enjoy summer without sickness

Since summer have been very hot and continues to get hotter and hotter each day. Our kids need a boost on their immune system so they would not contract diseases that are present during summer time.


We can easily prevent diseases and strengthen our kids immune system by incorporating fruits in their everyday meal and what’s best fruit for them is, pineapples. It’s rich in Vitamin C which helps in boosting their immune system.

Dr. Leonora Panlasigui, Dean of the Philippine Women’s University’s School of Nutrition, found that adding 2 servings of Del Monte Pineapples to a child’s daily diet may help improve overall immunity. The study showed a 27% increase in the production of granulocytes, a type of white blood cell vital to combating diseases, in children who ate 2 servings of pineapple a day, resulting in reduced recovery time for bacterial and viral infections.


“Even a single serving of fruit a day could make all the difference with your child’s health,” says Dr. Panlasigui. “One serving is good, but the general consensus recommends two servings a day. It’s pretty easy to build a fun, tasty habit with the kids that will benefit them in the long run.”

Let your kids enjoy their summer vacation. Keep them safe and healthy as they play with others and experience what it is like to be a kid. Two pineapple servings a day can make a difference.

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