Latest Bag deals on Ensogo Philippines

Ensogo Philippines

Almost all of you know that I am a bag hag and that bag addiction becomes a passion for helping people spot the fake ones from the real deal. I also love shopping online, but most online shopping website really don’t mind if they are selling the real deal. That is why I super love Ensogo Philippines. They sell real deal bags, and they also offer a very reasonable price. Here’s a list of branded bag deals that you gals would enjoy and for sure you will end purchasing it!

Ensogo PhilippinesKipling Bags is the most versatile bag. It is also a waterproof bag which very useful during rainy days. You can get these bag when you go to Ensogo Philippines site. Prices range from P 2749 – P 3199 and don’t let it slip away! You can save almost more than 40%. If you want this bag, just click on this link.

Ensogo Philippines

You will love Ted Baker for its simplicity and classic look. What I love about this product is that it is mostly made with thick plastic, but they also have a leather bag. Prices range from P 1499 –  P2249. If you want to avail this deal, just click on the link.

Ensogo Philippines

Want to have your own Michael Kors bag? Ensogo is the best place to purchase your very first MK bag. Ensogo’s Michael Bag ranges from P 2999 – P 6499. But as of now all Michael Kors are sold out, but don’t forget to check out their designs.

Ensogo Philippines

And don’t forget to check Longchamp, the classy yet simple bag. Ensogo offers mostly Neo, Planetes, Le Pliage and Fleaurs de Ravelo. Prices range from P 2299 – P 3499.  If you want to get this deal, just click the link below.

I felt very overwhelmed every time I look at Ensogo Philippines site. I wanted to buy a new wallet and bag. That will be my next agenda and my birthday gift for myself. Hope you guys can decide which bag you will buy this coming day. Happy shopping everyone!

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  1. Hi! may naencounter ako sa ensogo na wallet na hindi authentic so I ask the merchant and they told me na its all authentic but upon checking hindi malaga and I have bought another bag and check on it ok siya. I have a feeling na halo yung binebenta doon. 🙁

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