Last May 2014, I enrolled little Kweky at Mc Donalds Kiddie Crew for his summer workshop. It’s a 5 days training for kids his age. It was really very educational and can teach our kids to be a responsible one. Here’s some of his photos during the training:


This is his usually face when you ask him to pose. Bakit wacky na lang always?


First Day: Orientatation


Kweky’s new found friends 🙂


“Mommy look! Ganda no?” – Kwek


Designing his apron.


Graduation Day. Grimace surprises them.


Picture with Grimace.


Congrats Kweky!

Sorry if i upload a few photos since some of their activities are private and I wanted Kweky to enjoy the training (when he sees me, he’s always comes to me and cuddle. Kaya I don’t want to disturb him). Next summer we are planning to enroll him again. Mommies who wants their kids to be responsible and be independent enroll your kids to summer workshops like Mc Donalds Kiddie Crew. Hope to see you mommies on Kweky’s next Kiddie Crew adventure!

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