Why I know my Husband loves me despite his infidelity

We’ve been married for more than a decade and we started as friends and friendship blossom into a much deeper relationship. I do not have any sibling, that’s why I felt that I have a big brother when I’m with him, though most of the time it’s the other way around (haha!) Our relationship is not all happiness and good life, but most of the time it tested on how can we manage to stay in each other’s arms despite all the troubles that knock on our door. And I think he truly loves me despite all the infidelities he has done in our relationship and here are the reasons why I think he does:

  • He will always eat my toasted longanissa and I know he hates it. But he still tries to please me.
  • He lets me style his wardrobe even we were still friends and I know he loves every bits and pieces of it.
  • I remember when I was still working or even now that I am earning as a blogger he never asked a penny from it and does not asked me how much money I spent to a particular bag. He always trusted me on our finances and he leaves his ATM Card with me.


  • He’s not ashamed of buying tampons or sanitary napkin in the supermarket.
  • He encourages me to do what I love to do and support me all the way.
  • He cheated on me, even had a “Girlfriend”, but he never forgets to say I LOVE YOU and bid goodbye everyday and most of the time I let him choose the other woman, but I don’t know why he keeps on coming back after I allow them to be free.
  • Whenever I feel so down, he know how to cheer me up with foods that I love to eat.


  • We watch chick flicks or Fifty Shades together knowing that he does not like that kind of movie, but he still manages to watch it with me.
  • He’s a total gentleman, opens the car door for me, holds my hand even the time when I fall out of love and manages to give me a peck on the forehead when he sees me when he got home or whenever he fetch me up on my events.

I know he cheated on me and I fell out of love, but that does not mean that he love me less or he loves his “Girlfriends” more that me. He will always tell me about it, I know most of you will be hypocritical on what I am saying and why I manage to let him in our lives after all, but I can’t blame anyone one of you, but what I am so thankful of we manage to stick on each other’s side and we may not be so much in love with each other, but we manage to be the best of friends, a brother and a sister and no one can ever break the bond. Maybe in time we will have our own relationships, but we will always have the bond we have.


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5 thoughts on “Why I know my Husband loves me despite his infidelity

  1. I am a married woman just like you. I am hurt reading how you’ve just accepted your fate as a wife, and all the more hurt that I share the same sentiments as you. I would like to think that my husband stills loves me, even when he is having an affair with someone right now. But later on you’d realize that love shouldn’t be that selfish, and that while love forgives, I believe that to love means to respect. I know men has many reasons to think of you, miss you and still love you, but losing that respect for you, not giving you the love your rightfully deserve is unfortunately not love. Although I respect your unconditional love. A love that I also have towards my cheating husband. But I think I can love him even without taking him back. I think I can love him forever even without him knowing.

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