kitkat3The skills I want to unlock are the following:

  1. I want to unlock the skill of Multitasking while I’m on Radiation Therapy so I can help my son do his schools works and play with him while I’m undergoing Therapy.
  2. I want to unlock the skill of being a basketball trainer so I can easily teach my son on how to play the game.
  3. I want to unlock the skill of not being forgetful so I can easily remember things specially the date and the day today.

I have listed so many skills that I would like to unlock since I was on medication and and on therapy since last year after being diagnose with the BIG C. I am easily drained with simple chores at home so I am having a hard time to cope up with my son’s playfulness.

I really wanted to multitask during and after therapy so I can check on my son’s work on that day and also to play and ask him how was his day. Most of the time after I had the therapy I need to relax and sleep and I missed a lot things that he usually tell me and missed teaching him. Another thing that I wanted to unlock is to become a basketball trainer so I can personally teach him how to play. Ever since I enrolled him to basketball clinics he’s always telling me “Mommy, could we play basketball?”. Since I don’t know how to play the game I usually decline his offer and tell him to just play by himself. I watch basketball but I don’t know how to play it with him, specially since his only seven years old. Lastly, I want to unlock the skill of being good in memorizing so I can easily remember where I put my wallet and cellphone and also to remember what’s the date today. I would love to unlock this skills so I can prove that having a BIG C is nothing and also to have a fruitful memories with my son. I am really positive that when I eat KitKat it will lighten my day and forget that I have the BIG C. So starting today, I will bring KitKat on my therapies. 🙂

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