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My husband and I love bringing our kids to the mall specially now that they are grown up but when they are both are still toddlers we have a hard time bringing them both because they would tantrums and cry when they are tired of what they are doing. So we drop them to play centers but we need to supervise them, so how can we do shopping if one of us will stay to look for them (we don’t have nanny back then). So we stick to our plan that we would buy both of them what they wanted and after that we let them promised that they will behave and it’s really a waste of time and money for us.

Kids Workshop is the answer to every parent’s dilemma when it comes to shopping and bringing your kids with you because they offer not just play but your kids will experience exploration, they can bring out the creativity in them, learn new things and create new friends. Their staff is very approachable and very caring. My son feels at ease with the facilitator easily.

The theme when we visit Kid’s Workshop.
They have a small tree house like. Very nice 🙂
Puzzles and other toys for our little one. 🙂
Slides, Monkey Bars and little bridge.
Ball pool.
This is where kids put their shoes and sandals.
When they get hungry, kids can buy kiddie treats.
Art paraphernalia.
Wooden horse for our little boys and girls 🙂
Play station area for big boys and girls.
This is what’s inside the tree like house.
Slide and kiddie wall climbing area.
Nice view above 🙂
Little kitchen for our little chef.
Play area for toddlers.


Kids Workshop is located in San Juan, where the center of shopping is. Worried about living your child to them? You don’t have to because you will need to ring the bell before you can enter and exit the premise, how was that for your child’s safety. Also, they will never leave your child unattended and will always follow them if they are making some stunts (like my little Kweky do). Kids Workshop is a very tidy place and has a full air conditioned area where your kids will be comfortable.

Here’s Kid’s Workshop Rules:

screen captured form their site.
screen captured form their site.

SAM_0159 SAM_0154 SAM_0151 SAM_0149 SAM_0141.JPG

The Magic Carpet.
Art Workshop.
During his art workshop.
Giving his snake an eye.

SAM_0162 SAM_0176

Kweky with the Kid's Workshop employees. Thanks for taking care of him. :)
Kweky with the Kid’s Workshop employees and Ms. Gie Reyes. Thanks for taking care of him. 🙂
Thanks for giving Kweky a free 1 year membership.
Thanks for giving Kweky a free 1 year membership.

Kweky’s visit is very fun and interesting. At first he was very timid and would not talk to other kids. After I took photos of him we decided to leave him, they told us that he was mingling with other kids. By the way Kids Workshop has different themes to make it appealing to the kids. When we visit them the theme is about “The Enchanted Desert”. Kweky also learn to dance with their Wii and he dances with other kids which is really exciting for us to see. They also play Magic Carpet, Ms. Gie Reyes asked the kids to go to the blanket and let them imagine that it is really a magic carpet and they play, getting the right color of the ball. After playing, they also did an artwork Kweky made a snake. They made playing and learning very fun! Oh, before I forgot I really love the song they are playing, you can feel that you are in Egypt because they are playing the song “Walk like an Egyptian”. Overall I am so pleased and happy with their service and the facilitators are all nice and very caring to all the kids. Kudos to the super caring facilitators and owners of Kids Workshop you really value and treat my kid as yours. Till our next visit!

Mommies if you’re interested to drop by Kids Workshop here’s their rates:
Kids Workshop Admission Rates: (Saturday, Sunday and Holiday)
Unlimited Play: P410
1 Hour Play: P300
Art Workshop: ranges from P85 – P150
Membership: P500
Adult Pass (Non Play): P50
Sock Child: P25
Adult: P30
All fees are non-refundable.

 You may also contact them at:
Tel: 732 09 32
Mobile: 0917 599 5324
Facebook: Kid’s Workshop



Kids Workshop send me this very cute photo of Kweky. Thanks for having us again and we will be back soon. 🙂


Note: My article is based on Kweky’s overall experience.


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