More Kawaii inspired back-to-school items with Daiso

Who doesn’t want to fly to Japan and get kawaii items ? But Daiso is here to help us with kawaii items that we want from home living to school supplies, recreation, and hobbies, the Japanese find a way to spruce up and Daiso-fy life! Such is the defiant charm of Daiso Japan, the truly Japanese store in the Philippines. The store houses multi-functional items and cool finds, hatched from creative and, sometimes, startling ideas.

Cool picks, fresh off Japan

Only Daiso Japan can transform run-of-the-mill desk supplies with added charm and features. While its shelves may be abound with sticky notes, styled paper clips, crepe flowers, calligraphy instruments, and other ubiquitous items, Daiso Japan is still best known for kawaii supplies and surprisingly smart products.

Don’t let your most creative ideas go down the drain with this water-resistant notepad from Daiso.

One ingenious item is the water-resistant notepad. Unlike regular notebooks, these are designed to withstand water exposure, with leaves that protect the ink from running, to keep precious notes fully intact, even under heavy showers.

Another steal from Daiso Japan’s unconventional stock is the no-dust, rolling eraser. Handy for keeping workspaces looking crisp and spotless, this item is definitely among the store’s most practical finds.

Neat freaks can make sure every nook and cranny is free from dust with this magnetic broom and dustpan set, available at Daiso.

Other items in Daiso Japan’s unique list are colourful compact staplers, mini LED lamps, and animal-shaped erasers. These desk knickknacks and other nifty products are guaranteed to stall shoppers for hours, as they make their way along Daiso Japan’s aisles.

Liven up your workspace and make note-taking more fun with colorful stationery from Daiso.

From unlikely accessories like mini magnetic broom and dustpan sets, creative implements and craft materials,to adventurous beauty and fashion finds, Daiso Japan gives shoppers the lifestyle options that are too kawaii and too brilliant to let go of.

Explore the nearest Daiso Japan store today and take your pick from the curator of all things Japanese in the Philippines. Follow the store on Facebook @DaisoJapanPH and try your hand at making life your own kawaii canvass.


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  1. SUPER KAWAII NAMAN NYAN! mahilig ako dyan! syang d ko na naabutan! back-to-school is coming! excited na mga bata dito samin! kahit may kulang pa mga gamit gora lang! d yan makaka stpo na mag-aral sila! I love DAISO! good thing na di lang sila pang beauty or skin care products!

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