Gastronomic Journey at KA.C Burger and Tea

KA.C Burger and Tea
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KA.C Burger and Tea

The Place

KA.C Burger and Tea (pronounce as “KA” as in kaso and “C” as the letter C) is a newly opened restaurant in Bahay Toro, Congressional Avenue, Quezon City. It is also the first Burger and Tea joint in the area.

KA.C Burger and Tea
The branding outside the burger joint.
KA.C Burger and Tea
Wall inside KA.C Burger and Tea.


The Food

Here are the list of food served to us during our stay with KA.C Burger and Tea:

The Burgers

As far as I can remember they served us 4 kinds of burger namely: KA.C Overload (P198), Surprise (P168), Overdose (P268) and Monster Burger (368). I can’t seem to differentiate the burgers except for the Monster because it was the biggest one and have a monstrous look. But, the 3 other burgers looked the same. The burger was served first and it was served by the lovely models and before we got the chance to dig on it it’s cold due to taking of perfect “Instagram” photos haha 🙂 Anyway, I will just do a round up review on all the burgers to make it quick.

KA.C Burger and Tea
Here’s another burger.
KA.C Burger and Tea
One of their burgers.
The buns

– is has too many holes, which means that it has so much air incorporated in it. Though I was told that they just got their buns from a supplier.

KA.C Burger and Tea
The buns they use + the Patty and the cheese that I was reffering below.
The patty

– is thick in all burgers.
– it lacks crunch on the outside and very raw on the inside.
– it has a sour-y / foul smell. (which is a sign that microorganisms are present on the patty + the handling is not good)

KA.C Burger and Tea
The patty is starting to loosen up.

The Burger overall

the cheese is served as is not even put to the patty before putting in the buns which makes the burger too salty. The bacon is not to crispy for me which I thick can give the burger patty much more crunch. They also used the onion butt in the burger which a no, no because onion butt taste really awful and too strong.

KA.C Burger and Tea

New Orleans Style Chicken Wings (P138)

Their chicken wings is not too hot for me. I am expecting much more hotness because it’s New Orleans Style which is known for being spicy. Although, I love how they cooked it because it’s not too saucy. It’s also cooked well done inside.

KA.C Burger and Tea

KA.C Burger and Tea

Spicy Tuna Pasta (P138)

This dish holds its name because it’s really spicy and has too many tuna in it. I love the taste because the ingredients really collides. The noodles is cooked al dente and the red sauce has enough spices.

KA.C Burger and Tea

KA.C Burger and Tea

Pesto Alfredo Pasta (P138)

Pesto is my favourite sauce. I can eat pesto everyday, whether on pasta or on bread. Their version of Pesto-Alfredo is a little weird for me, although some are really using so much whipping cream or here in the Philippines, Nestle Cream. It is too white for me, which means it has a lot of cream rather than the pesto. I think it should be 50-50 since it’s not an Alfredo sauce only or Pesto sauce. Looking at it from a far you can say that it is just an ordinary Pasta Alfredo.

KA.C Burger and Tea

The pasta is cooked al dente and has the right mix of spices. Although this pasta has a lot of Alfredo sauce, the dish is delicious.

KA.C Burger and Tea

Blueberry Smoothies (P120/P130)

Since, I don’t drink milk tea or anything with dairy products due to lactose intolerance. I tried their smoothies (though I can taste that It has a lot of milk). It’s very fruity and very thick in consistency, which means its has a lot of fruits and milk in it.

KA.C Burger and Tea
Haven’t got the chance to took photo of my smoothie.


The Temperature

I can’t tell if they are served in the right temp. since I don’t have my thermometer and I took a lot of photos before eating.


The Servers

I haven’t got the chance to mingle and talked to KA.C Burger and Tea servers. Maybe next time!


The Price

Please see price list below:

KA.C Burger and Tea


The Verdict

My overall experience with KA.C Burger and Tea is not too bad, although there are things that need improvement on their burger and tea joint. I love the idea of combining two very different things in one, but the chef should consider many things specially food handling. I am culinary graduate and a food critic that is why I am so keen and inquisitive in any food you’ll served in front of me. But, there is always room for improvement and I would love to go back and check out their food again.


Socialize with them!

Facebook: /Ka.C Burger and Tea
Instagram: @kacburgerandtea

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  1. Oh! How I would like to try them too but I live in the South. I wonder why all the good dining place are always located in QC. If only the traffic in EDSA is tolerable, I will definitely check out these places.

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