Joy dishwashing soap proves that they can wash 2017+ plates with just 45ml sachet

Joy dishwashing soap has been the household liquid soap of every Filipino because the promise to clean our dishes thoroughly and without any traces of soap. I remember the famous tag line they have “Isang patak, bisang-katutak”.

And yesterday, November 15, 2016 P&G and Joy dishwashing soap wanted to set a new world record for the “Most People washing dishes simultaneously” by just using one 45ml of  Joy dishwashing soap. They held the event at the VIPuring convention this year.

We wanted VIPuring attendees to be part of a breakthrough and historic event, so we initiated this Guinness World Records attempt. We gathered 300 people to wash plates at the same time to set the record. says Shreya Subbaraya, head of shopper marketing Procter & Gamble

And what capped the evening is that we got the new Guinness World Record title “ Most People Washing Dishes Simultaneously” by just using one 45ml of Joy dishwashing soap! And I think they have washed more than 2017 plates. Good job to all the participants and congrats to the whole team who planned and made this possible!

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