Jolly Cow Milk treats Moms and Kids in an awesome day out

Last Saturday, September 5, 2015. Is a special for our family because it is our Patriarch’s birthday and also it’s the day of Jolly Cow’s treat for Mommies and Kids at Art in Island and to watch the very interesting movie Inside Out.

Our day started very easily because Kweky was very excited and woke up very early. It was our first time in Art in Island and Kweky and I were really in awe. Kweky keeps on saying “Ang ganda!” and “Ang galing!”. We took a lot of photos and videos to document it. So here’s our photo diary of our Art in Island Journey. And don’t forget to check out my Youtube Channel for the video.

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*more photos here.

Jolly Cow Milk is a creamylicious Milk for our picky eater. It has a very nice taste and creaminess that children will surely love. Jolly Cow Fresh milk contains 3.5% butterfat making it very creamier and more delicious. Their fresh milk contains high amount of calcium, protein and different vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A,B1,B2,C zinc and ferrum. Plus, it also requires zero preparation.

Jolly Cow’s Milk Variants

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And oh by the way! Jollow Cow offers a creamy UHT Fresh Milk and Non-Fat Milk (also known as skim milk) and is sourced from Germany’s biggest dairy farm. Aside from producing 100% pure, fresh tasting cow’s milk, strict and high quality control is also implemented in the production up to the delivery of finished goods to the consumers. It is subjected to UHT (Ultra Heat-Treated) process, a procedure that is done to kill off any harmful microorganisms by heating it to at least 135 celcius.

Don’t be stuck on milk’s promises, why try Jolly Cow’s Milk your Creamylicious Milk and discover a more exciting and fun way to drink milk.

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