Jollibee Spaghetti’s newest icon, Regine and Nate Alcasid

The Asia’s Songbird has done it all, from being an award winning actress to singing internationally and making her country proud, a tv host, a commercial model and of course her most favorite role of her life being a wife and a mom to Nate.

Regine and Nate can be called as the #momandchildgoals they are both an epitome of  what a modern day family is and yet they can keep up with each other. Personally, I love seeing their post on Instagram makes me want to go back to the childhood of my kids as I was so busy working then, when they are growing up. That’s why I asked Ms. Regine a very common question,

“What advice can you give to working moms like me?” and Ms. Regine said “ We (Ogie, her husband) make sure to make or a lot one day just for Nate and do things he likes to do. Being is showbiz and being a mom is a hard job, but we always makes sure that we have time for our son.” she added.

Then I cried inside, I wish I could turn back time to make sure I was there when they have booboo or when they are not confident enough to face the world. But, I cannot turn back time and that’s why when I decided to be a work-at-home mom. I love how Regine and Nate’s bonding moment can turn into a wacky and funny one and what’s more exciting is that they both enjoy munching the sweetest spaghetti you could ever taste, Jollibee Spaghetti.

I think these mother and son tandem for the newest Jollibee spaghetti TVC is indeed a heartfelt one and will surely promotes family virtues. We had the chance to take a peek on the newest Jollibee TVC and I must say Jollibee never fails to make me teary eyed.

Kudos to the Jollibee Team for make sure that Filipino families will feel the importance of family virtues.

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