Is our child safe from toxin on the food they eat?

Every time our kids eat we don’t know if they are exposed to toxins or bacteria. In today’s trend in farming because of the high demand of food farmers are going for the conventional farming and artificial growing of fruits, veggies and dairy products, our kids are defenseless because they don’t have a full grown and mature organs and immune system.

“Several studies have linked the harmful effects of chemical residues in food to pesticides. These chemicals are increasingly found in the food we eat and have been linked to the rising incidence of developmental disorders among children such as autism and ADHD, immune disorders such as allergy and asthma, as well as metabolic disorders leading to obesity and type 2 diabetes in later life,” said Edwin Feist, Chairman and CEO of ANTECH, Inc., the distribution and marketing partner of the largest global producer of organic food, HiPP Germany.

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WHO reveals that chemical contaminants can contribute foodborne diseases which is linked with the high level of child mortality rate globally. Animals are also injected with artificial hormones to make them fat and increase their milk production, which can really affect our kids health and cognitive development

Exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals can be very harmful to our kids even in low dosage and can lead to health and cognitive under development in children and it can lead to learning disabilities like autism and ADHD.

“One of the most effective ways to reduce exposure of children to these harmful substances is giving them organic food. Organic farming does not use synthetic growth-promoting hormones, antibiotic for prophylactic purposes among farm animals, and GMOs are prohibited, thus avoiding toxin residue that may be present in conventionally-grown food,” said Feist.

The production of organic food begins from the selection of farmland, ensuring that the soil is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Animals are fed with organic feeds and pesticide free crops and are raised using natural methods; prohibiting use of artificial growth promoting hormones and antibiotics unless for treatment of disease. The produce like meat and dairy products are then tested from detectable residue of pollutants and made sure to comply with organic standards before being sold in the market or used as raw materials. When cows get sick and are given antibiotics, they are cared for in isolation and are tested to be free from antibiotic residue before returning to the herd.

Simply put, organic food produced through organic farming minimizes the risk of exposing children to harmful chemicals that may affect their health and intelligence. Without foreign chemicals negatively interacting with its pure nutrients, organic food has greater nutritional value. It has more antioxidants that help boost children’s immune system, higher Omega 3 that supports heart and brain development, and more mineral content like zinc and iron.

Let’s make sure to buy organic food for our family to prevent harmful substance going on our kids and families body.


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