Ipanema x Malasimbo 2016: A celebration of music, light, arts and dance

Ipanema_A celebration of Music, Art

Brazilian footwear, Ipanema is collaborating with the much awaited Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2016, an international event that celebrates music, arts, lights and dance which is all set at the beautiful island of Puerto Galera on March 4-6 2016.

Ipanema_A celebration of Music, Arts
From left: Miro Grgic, Malasimbo Festival Director and Co-Founder; Cecille Loretizo, ELRO Retail Corporation Marketing Manager and Hubert d’Aboville, President and Co-Founder of Malasimbo Festival

“It is a privilege to partner with Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival,”says ELRO Retail Corporation Marketing Head Cecille Loretizo. “This festival promotes world-class arts and culture and we want to take part in this global vision. This year, Malasimbo Festival 2016 features back-to-back activities and we want every festival goer to experience the “Malasimbo Magic’ comfortably.”

Ipanema is very durable and flexible with its special flexpand material and made from 100% recyclable PVC. It offers a wide range of designs and spectrum of colours. Ipanema is your best buddy for this years Malasimbo Festival because it provides comfort and concern for the environment.

Oh! before I forget, aside from the festival of music and dance there will be a Malasimbo Kiteboarding exhibition that will be held on March 5.

Ipanema_A celebration of Music, Arts

The back-to-back weekend festivities don’t end there. Happening on March 24-26, Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival will rock the island of Puerto Galera with a collection of beats and dance hits from some of the finest DJs in the country and across the globe. Millenials are in for a three-day festivity filled with state-of-the-art light shows, contemporary and traditional dance, hip hop, house music, drum and bass, futuristic, immersive and electronically inspire entertainment, all embedded within the breathtaking Malasimbo ampitheater.

Experience the ‘Malasimbo Magic’ with Ipanema and Rider. For more information about the latest products, check out their Facebook accounts: Ipanema Philippines and Rider Philippines.

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