Inquisitive Mommy: Zap AK Multi Insect Killer

Zap Multi Insect Killer
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About the Distributor

Jardine Home Solutions is a member of Jardine Matheson group and is a wholesale distributor of agricultural and construction chemicals.

Their vision is to be the Marketing and Distribution company of choice in the market. They represent a number of leading global and local crop protection and applied construction materials.

They also have home solutions that helps mommies like me to kill pest at home.

Products are available at

Rustan’s Supermarkets, Wellcome Supermarket, and Shopwise SuperCenters. These products are also available in Ace, Citi and Wilcon Hardwares and selected supermarkets, pharmacies and groceries in Cebu, such as Gaisano Grand, Gaisano Country Mall, Prince Warehouse, White Gold, Rose Pharmacy, and others.

The Product











Zap AK Multi Insect killer is a high quality insecticide formulated for home pest solution and it provides a fast killing power against mosquitoes, roaches and flies. And has a citrus scent, plus! it has an anti dengue formula.








1. We used Zap AK Multi Insect Killer to kill ants that are crawling in our wall and they all die instantly and they never comeback again.
2. Zap AK Multi Insect Killer has a citrusy smell.
3. Zap AK Multi Insect Killer is available mostly in Rustan’s owned super market
4. Zap AK Multi Insect Killer has complete information about How to us, fire cautions, storage, disposal and first aid.


1. All its active ingredients are D-Tetramethrin 0.10%, D-D-Trans-Cyphenothrin 0.15%, Also contains Petroleum Distillates. All of these ingredients are made to kill roaches and other insects which affect the nervous system of the insects
2. Almost all aerosols are highly flammable. Propellants increase the risk of fire if not handled carefully.


1. Apply the product as directed.
2. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, lips and clothing.
3. Never spray to human, pets or fish in the aquarium.
4. Cover foods, utensils and surfaces and equipment.
5. Keep out of reach of children.

Zap AK Multi Insect Killer is a must try Insect Killer. This product can compete or lead the market when it comes to Insect Killing aerosol. They also have a very competitive price. Please also like them on Facebook! and check out their website.

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