Inquisitive Mommy: Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic

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The Aesthetic Center

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic is located at Unit 2H Mezzanine level, The Grand Hamptons Tower 2, 2nd Avenue, BGC, Taguig City. Upon entering the center you will feel that you are in a 5 star aesthetic center. You can see how the owner spends so much effort and passion (especially money) on the design and the interior of the center.

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic
The Concierge area.
Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic
Their very elegant Comfort Room.

The Treatment

The treatment Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic let me try the Facial Skin Spa and the Oxygen Facial Hydration (I think this is not only the treatment I got ‘coz I was there for about one and half hours). It was my 2nd time having a facial and this time is quite very different from my first experience. It was really organized, the staff (which by the way I forgot her name) knows what she is doing and her hands were really soft and gentle as she touched my skin. Every time she is doing something, she would tell what it is and for what it is.

I must say it was really painful especially in the forehead area, but this facial differs from my previous one because after the treatment, I can’t feel any pain and no signs of swelling at all just red marks due to needling.

This is the very first time a took a selfie and here are my photos before and after the treatment:

This is before we start the Facial.
This is before we start the Facial.

During the treatment

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic

After the treatment

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic



List of other Treatment

Skin Intensive Treatments

  • Facial Spa
  • Oxygen Facial Hydration
  • Micro Exfoliation
  • Micro Chemical Peel
  • Meso Rejuvenation with Cryoporation
  • Chelation Theraphy

Acne Treatment and Acne Scars

  • Acne Facial
  • Intralesional Injection
  • Mesoporation for Acne
  • Fractional Needling with Cryoporation

Skin Pigmentation and Whitening Treatments

  • Mesotherapy for Whitening
  • Intramelasmal Injection
  • Glutathione and Vitamin C IV
  • Fractional Needling with Cryoporation
  • Laser Treatment

Natural Face Lift and Contour

  • Mesolipotheraphy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Power Cell lift

Eyebag Treatment

  • Mesolipotherapy
  • Mesoporation
  • Cryoporation
  • Platelet Rich Plasma for Eyebags

Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging Theraphy

  • Fractional Needling
  • Laser skin rejuvenation
  • Meso Rejuvenation Oxygen Theraphy
  • Glutathione, Vitamin C and Placenta IV
  • Collagen IV
  • Botox
  • Lip, Nose, Chin and Cheek Sculpting

Hair Revitalization Therapy

  • Mesotheraphy with electroporation
  • Oxygen Scalp therapy
  • Fractional Needling for hair growth
  • Platelet Rich Plasma for Scalp Renewal

Body Whitening and Smoothening Treatments

  • Powerpeel Microdemabrasion
  • Micro-exfoliation
  • Micro-Chemical Peel
  • L-glutatjione with Vitamin C

Skin Health

  • Warts, Mole and Milia Removal
  • Syringomas and keloids therapy

Unwanted Hair

  • Laser Hair Removal

Varicose Veins

  • Laser treatments
  • Sclerotherapy


  • Microexfoliation
  • Deep Chemical Peel
  • Fractional needling
  • Platelet rich plasma

Cellulite Treatment

  • Lift and Tight Multipolar RF
  • Mesocellulite
  • Mesoporations
  • Cryoporation

Non-surgical Body Sculpting Treatments

  • Focused Lipocavitation
  • Mesolipotherapy
  • Lipomesoporation
  • Lipocryosculpt
  • Lift and Tight Multipolar RF therapy

Weight Control

  • L-Carnitine IV
  • Herbal Diet Supplements
  • Nutritional Counseling

Other Services

  • Vine’s Signature Massage
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Hand and Foot Spa

The Staff

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic’s staff are very courteous and they serve with a smile. They know what they are doing and you can feel their sincerity in what they are doing.

photo not mine from their Twitter Account.
Dr. Emily Sevilla and her collegues.

The Verdict

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic is a 5 star holistic and aesthetic center for me because of its ambiance, interior design and the customer service their staff provides to their clients. They will be the next big thing in aesthetic and holistic medicine because they provide many therapies and treatments for their clients/patients, but also with the help of Dr. Emily Sevilla’s knowledge and expertise in the field of aesthetics.

If you are looking for the a 5 star aesthetic center in BGC area you must try and visit Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic now! They can help you in any beauty and holistic treatment that you are looking for.

Thanks for having me and pampering me and also for this skin care regimen.
Thanks for having me and pampering me and also for this skin care regimen.


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Facebook: /VineHolistic
Twitter: @vineholistics

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