Inquisitive Mommy: Nail-a-holics Nails Salon and Spa

It’s been a while since my last visit to a nail salon after a terrible nightmare that happened before. I hate having what we call a “murdered” feet because it’s too risky specially now that rainy season has arrived and leptospirosis is just around the corner (just kidding!).  After I visited my so at Vivere Salon, because he was having his very first hair treatment, I immediately went to Nail-a-holics to try their Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Pedicure. I really don’t know what to expect and what will happened to me I just believe that what ever happened as long I still have both my feet I will be happy (haha!). Check out below my full review about Nail-a-hoics.

The Brand

Nail-a-holics is not your conventional nail salon, it have a very cozy, beach-y and peaceful ambiance. The summery and beach-y effect really excited me because I don’t have time to got to the beach last summer and Nail-a-holics gives me the beach-y vibes that I need and It is really very relaxing and calming there.

Nail-a-holics interior and their cute-sy menu

The Treatment/Service

The treatment/ service I choose was Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Pedicure. I read what it is all about, but I really don’t know what will happened to a paraffin treatment. First, the attendant, Ate Mari Fe soaked my feet to a warm water with little pebbles in it (I really don’t know what it is, I forgot to ask about it) after 5-10 minutes I had my nails cleaned and I was really scared about it because it’s really been a while and I am so scared of having a cut and see blood flowing on foot. But, Ate Mari Fe change my outlook about pedicure, she even fix my nails on what shape it should be and I don’t have cuts and my feet and nails really look amazing.

After cleaning it she went inside again to prepare for the paraffin treatment and as I am waiting I chose my nail polish colour and they have tons of O.P.I. polish which I really love. Then, Ate Mari Fe went back to me and started the paraffin treatment. When i dip my foot to a reddish not too hot liquid it was really a relish because I have an aching feet after a long day of walking and doing some chores. It was really relaxing although it’s a bit hot you can feel it going inside you feet and releasing all the tensions in your feet.

After 20-30 minutes Ate Mari Fe pull it off and my skin is so smooth and soft and the tension and aching of my feet just went away and I don’t know where it goes. I was really happy with it and then she massages my feet and put the nail polish on my nails.


The step by step procedure during my paraffin treatment

The Price

Nail-a-holic’s Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Pedicure is very affordable at P890 and it is available on any Nail-a-holics nationwide.

The Attendant

Nail-a-holic’s attend in their Gateway branch was all so courteous and very hospitable. The supervisor was so friendly and very accommodating and that is an A+ for me because some nail salon is not like them and are always frowning in front of the customer.

The overall nail experience

I conquered my fears when it comes to pedicure and they really satisfied me in my stay on their nail salon. I just don’t need to say a lot because they are really amazing and you better check them out if you wanted to have the best experience on you nails and foot or hand experience.

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  1. I have a fear of going to nail salons because I don’t have nice feet. Baka majudge ako ng sobra. hahaha. But I’d love to try Nail-a-holics. Mukang Maganda yung ambiance and based on your review, maganda din services nila. 🙂

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