Inquisitive Mommy: LG Q6, mid-range phone that’s easy on the pocket

It’s our very first time to review an LG phone and also my very first time to hold and try a LG unit and here’s what I think about:

What’s inside the box?


You’ll see the following inside the new LG Q6:

  • The unit
  • usb charging cable
  • adapter
  • earphones
  • manuals and the warranty card

The Design

The new LG Q6 uses an edge to edge screen, aluminium sides and glossy plastic back panel which is a little bit annoying, since you need it to wipe every now and then to because it gets a lot of smudges easily + scratches.

Since I am much of an ASUS user, LG’s volume rocker and sim card slot is on the left side and the power button is on the right side. LG Q6 still uses a normal android charger (not the type C one).In front you’ll see the 5MP front camera and the edge to edge screen and at the back you’ll see the 13 MP camera and the speaker.

With LG’s 5.5 inches full vision display and 2160 x 1080P offering and running on the newest Android Nougut 7.1.1. LG Q6 runs on a Qualcomm Snadragon 435 octocora chipset with 3GB RAM.

Here are the scores from the benchmarkings:

Antutu: 41755
Quadrant: 9640
Geekbench: 2112

The Specs

Network 2G / 3G / 4G
Dimensions 142.58 x 69.33 x 8.1 mm
Processor Octa-Core 1.4GHz
Screen 5.5” Full HD+ Display
Camera Front : Wide Angle 5MP (100º)
Rear : 13MP
Memory RAM 3GB
Connectivity WLAN/BT/GPS/USB
Battery 3000mAh
OS Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Setting up the faceprint

LG Q6 does not have a fingerprint scanner, but a faceprint scanner which I think is cool but a little bit not so secured. Here’s how easy to set it up.

The Camera and Sample Shots

LG Q6’s rear camera is 13MP with single LED flash. The camera captures vivid photos during day or with lightedambiance, but it does not do very well when it’s low light. The phone’s front camera is 5MP and can do selfie and wefie (great for group shots). There is also a Square mode for people who loves to post on Instagram.There’s also this effect on their camera, the match shot were in you can match two different photos/ shots in one photo.

Sample rear camera shot ( lighted and low light ambiance)

Sample front camera shot

The Battery

LG Q6 has a 3,000 mAh Li-Po battery which can last for over 3 days in standby and more or less than 3 hours when in heavy usage.

We did a battery test via Antutu Battery Testing and it scored 6530 surpassing Vivo X3S. At the end of the battery test it still have 21% battery life and we started it with only 82%. But super worried when it got really hot during our battery test the final temperature of LG Q6 was 38.9 Celcius.


LG Q6 is mid-range mobile phone is priced at P12,990

The LG Experience

It was my first time to use an LG smart phone and I can say I enjoyed it! I very fascinated with the round edge display and also the Full Vision. It’s also very handy and you don’t need two hands to send a text message or you can also multi-task with it with just one hand.

The camera for me, needs more enhancement and wish that they have a manual mode for manual mode lover, like me. Though I love the square feature of the front and back camera which can surely enhance your creative side.

Battery is okay for me, though I am so scared when the phone heats up during testing.

The face recognition is also okay with me, but I miss the fingerprint scanner and I think fingerprint scanner is much safer that face recognition. (this is just, what I think haha!) and also the back panel which is very prone to scratches which can ruin the beauty or the aesthetic value of the phone.

The price is very friendly and with the new features of this phone I think this is worth your penny.

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