Inquisitive Mommy: Helix-D Eye Serum

The Brand

Helix-D is an establish beauty product and is based in the US. It is a revolutionary  skincare product that sets a new standard in beautifying a person. Helix-D is “The Science of Beauty” and is establish a benchmark for 21st Century skincare.

The Packaging

Helix-D’s packaging is very sleek because of its white box. It’s very simple yet very sophisticated and stylish.

The Comparison

It my very first time to use an eye serum, though my mother is not happy with me using an anti-aging cream or serum. I told her that I am in my late 20’s and I see minimal lines and sagging eye bags and I was told by my dermatologist before, that using anti-aging should start early to prevent minimal signs visible.

I’ve been using Helix-D for about 2 weeks, but I am not using it every day because sometimes I forgot to apply it, but I’ve been seeing differences on my eye bags since I used it.

Helix-D Eye Serum.5

My eyes before using Helix-D Eye Serum

Helix-D Eye Serum.6

After 2 weeks of using Helix-D

The lines under my eyes lessen and every time I apply it on my eyes, I can feel that it tightens and it has very minty feeling. Though every time I wake up I have an oily eyes, but I can see the difference from the other day. Though, I have a dark under circles which is inborn and due to hereditary threat from my father, I think I need a miracle for my under eyes to lighten.

We need to make sure that the beauty product we are using have at least 80% proven results and came from the clinical test from their laboratory.

Where to buy?

Helix-D Advanced Face & Neck Serum and Helix-D Advanced Eye Serum are exclusively distributed in the country by Fast Beauty PH and available at SM Makati, SM Aura, Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM North Edsa.

The Price

Helix-D is priced at P3,980 for eye serum.

The Verdict

Should I recommend it to my readers and family members? Of course, in just two weeks I’ve seen vast changes to my eyes and I think Helix-D can give ladies specially who have sagging under eye, eye bags or puffy eyes to lessen. A product which is this effective can surely bring back the youthful glow in our eyes. Will update you more about my journey and the price of Helix-D.

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