Inquisitive Mommy: EC-Vit, 2-in-1 Vitamin E and C and a lot more

Have you been taking two vitamins when you needed a Vitamin E and C boost? And after that you’ll also need to take other supplements which can affect our liver and kidneys. I’m sure most of us will go for EC-Vit here’s why:

Each capsule contains the following:

Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) 8332 IU
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamins C) 500 mg
dL-a-tocopherol (Vitamin E) 400 IU
Selenium 49.95 mcg

Box: It contains 30 Softgel Capsules pack by 10’s in a blister pack, which is good for 1 month.

How to take the Vitamins:

1 capsule  once a day after meals for 4-6 weeks.

Price: P315 for 30 pcs. (10.50 each)

Where to buy: Watsons outlet nationwide

What we love about the product:

  • We love the idea of having Vitamin E and C in one capsule, since most of the time I take it separately.
  • It also contains Selenium which help in our metabolism.
  • We also love the taste and the smell of the Vitamin.

What we don’t like about it:

  • We have a hard time swallowing the vitamins since its a little too big.
  • We also don’t like the packaging, it’s not so pleasing to the eye, our son did said, I thought it’s Ceelin Vitamins.

Will we purchase the item after 30 days of usage? Yes, the idea of having to take 1 pill for 2 or more vitamins is such a really good idea and it also have the selenium to help in our metabolism and Vitamin A for good eye sight. The price is also okay with us since we usually budget vitamins around that price or even more.

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