Inquisitive Mommy: City Garden Grand Hotel, Makati City

City Garden Grand Hotel is located in the heart of Makati, where being busy is just an ordinary thing. There are lot of bars, fast food chain, restaurants, food bazaars and coffee shops near the area. It is also near big malls like Century City Mall, Rockwell, Rustan’s, Glorietta and Greenbelt Malls. They are exactly located in Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, where a lot of towering hotels are in, but despite the competition they still manage to give competitors a good fight.

I’ve been seeing City Garden Grand Hotel before and I love how they keep the facade very simple yet very sophisticated. And finally we experience it last week, as we did our staycation. To be really really honest we were check in late, I think we arrived around 5:00 P.M due to heavy traffic. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were greeted by the door attendants very politely though they are busy laughing before we enter the hotel. I remember back then when I was still working in a hotel most of my batch mates that are positioned at the door is being prohibited to talk to each other since they are the one receiving the guest.

I love the scent of the hotel and upon entering you’ll see a big Kapis chandelier which really gives a Filipino vibe and hospitality. I also love anything that has wood like their interior which I think is made of Narra or other high class wood. City Garden Grand Hotel is categorized as a 4-star hotel in Makati, but I can tell that they have exceeded my expectations. Maybe their lobby is not too big and simple, but wait till you go to the room.

I think my EIC/hubby and I had been doing hotel reviews for quite sometime and most of the time we are satisfied with what they offer us and we thought this time we will be more keen.


City Garden’s hall way on the 27th floor


Our room is in front of the elevator and this painting really suits the warm ambiance of the hotel

The room they gave us is on the 27th floor and is a Deluxe Room with two twin size bed. They are using key card to open the door and you need put one of the key card on a slot for the electricity to function. (Come in to room 2706!)


So upon entering the room you might think it’s a bit small, but I think for a Deluxe room it’s quite big and spacious with 2 twin size beds and a mini sofa chair and a study table. You’ll also see a flat screen TV and a mini bar and mini ref below the TV.


Upon entering, you’ll see on the left side a big mirror and serves as the door to the luxurious Bathroom.

The bathroom is also spacious. It has a big mirror with one sink on a white marble top. You’ll also see two sets of toiletries, small and big towels are also available. There is also bathtub and 2-way shower and what amazes me also is that their bathtub is safe for PWD use.


They also have a big and spacious cabinet with automatic lighting with hangers and bathrobe. It’s not really visible in the photo, but there is flat iron and iron stand on the cabinet for guest usage. You can also use the safety vault to keep your valuables safe.


These are the two twin beds in our room. Each side of the bed have tables, telephone and lamps.


The side table, lamp and telephone, plus the light switch on my side.


There’s 2 complimentary water, menu, TV guide, remote and the 32 inches TV (I think its 32). The cabinet/table where the water was placed hides these:


It’s like a mini cupboard and the mini ref is on the right side which I forgot to take photo. You have coffee or tea below and a water heater.

city-garden-grand-hotelThis was Kweky’s favourite area of the room, because of the chair and the lamp beside it.

Kweky’s favourite spot is on the 32nd floor, the roof deck where the swimming pool is located, overviewing Makati’s skyline.

city-garden-grand-hotel-16 city-garden-grand-hotel-13

The pool has two side where kids can enjoy their area and adults can swim their hearts out, plus a jacuzzi on the side, which I think I have no photo again. Check how beautiful the pool is at night.


There are pool seats and a small cabanas where swimmers can chill and drink their fave sangria or cocktails.

City Garden Grand Hotel also gives us complimentary dinner at Firefly which is located at the roof deck and breakfast at Spice Cafe. Here are some photos for your appreciation, but we will be having a separate review about it very soon!

 Firefly at the Roof deck

Spice Cafe at the 7th floor

Makati’s Skyline Dusk and Night


How was our overall experience?

We haven’t visited the gym and that’s my fault, I always forgot things that I need to do. So this is the last question? How was our stay at City Garden Grand Hotel? Honestly, our stay was super awesome and we are super pampered by the staff which I think is not good for us because we wanted to have a raw experience with the staff. BUT, I must recommend it to my friends to have a family staycation at City Garden Grand Hotel, aside from being busy with foreign guest this hotel is also for family who would like to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation in just the heart of the Metro.

We enjoyed every minute of our stay, specially that I can leave my son on the pool without worrying that he’d drown because their lifeguard is very attentive and courteous to let my son borrow his goggles. But, my son is worried that the flooring in the pool area is too slippery specially when super wet, though they have signages about it. Also, the life guard is super strict in implementing the “No Diving” rule which I think is a thumbs-up because the pool is 5 feet only (I think). We also love that they have TV Channel guide since most of the hotels we have check in doesn’t have this kind of guide and you need to guess what channel is Cartoon network.

Kweky, saw this on the bed’s head board and said ” Sana ayusin nila ito because their bed is super comfy and nice”

The food was so awesome specially the breakfast because you can choose from what cuisine you’ll like, but I would not explain more of it here, because we will be doing a separate review of Spice Cafe and Firefly.

To top this off, I must say that we all had fun specially Kweky on the swimming and eating part. And we all agreed to rate City Garden Grand Hotel as 3 out of 5. I mean there is no such thing as perfect, but I think they have given us a great experience specially it is our first time to come in with Kwek, they have been so polite and takes good care of my son and even some of the staff accompany him when he goes up and down the elevator because he loves buying at the cake shop at the lobby.

Thanks guys for having us and hopefully we will come back and no more special treatment!!

PS: the internet was super fast than the fast cat haha! I ended up binge watching my fave series and movies without any hassle. 

City Garden Grand Hotel 
Location: 8008 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City 
Phone: 63 (2) 888 8181
Online Booking:


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