I think I am raising a little foodie.

FoodieI am a chef by profession, but I didn’t practice it for a long time. Since, I am really interested in eating, but not cooking. I like to eat a lot, but small portions only. I also wanted to try any kind of food (as in any kind). Most of the time I’ll bring little Kweky (my youngest son) in my events. He’s really into food and eating like me, so here are some of my observations whenever he comes with me to an event:

  • Every event we went he would ask me or the server if what’s the food name and sometimes how it was cooked or is it made of pork or beef.
  • He smells, take a real keen look at the food and sometimes slice it in very small portion.
  • He would ask me if what is my opinion regarding the food.
  • He would sometimes suggest to me that we should put a little bit of salt or pepper.
  • And lastly, he would ask me if I agree with him.

This is how I critic food whenever I am attending a foodie meet up or reviewing a restaurant. I hope Kweky will be a chef like me or maybe an engineer like his dad or both. How about you mommies are you also raising a foodie like mine? Or maybe a little Fashionista or a little traveler?

Let’s do this as a game! Tagged/message/ nominate 1 mommy of your choice and ask her to also post an article like this one. Let’s all see what kind of kids we are raising. Game?

I nominate Armi Pineda of homeiskool.blogspot.com and Shari Jansen of missdonyame.com


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