How to SPOT: Michael Kors Wallet

It is my first time to have a Michael Kors wallet, that is why the first step for me is to research and do an in-depth review of the wallet. It’s not that I don’t trust Ensogo, but it’s really one of my traits to inquisitively do an in dept checking on every bags or wallet that I have.

I was really excited to see my new wallet because I’ve been dying to have one since my Coach wallet gave up on me very soon. That is why my priority is to buy a new one and what brand it should be? No other than my favourite designer, Michael Kors.

I did some research on the internet about the Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Leather wallet before I purchased it on Ensogo. I always do that before buying online or buying on the store, I see to it that I need to know the wallet or bag that I am going buy, it’s like a getting to know phase (giggles!). So I got really excited when I finally find the perfect match for my lifestyle and my needs as a mom and as a blogger.

So here’s some photos so you can see why I love this wallet.

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*Photo taken by my ASUS ZenFone Selfie

Here are some tips on how to spot a Michael Kors wallet, so you will not be fooled by online sellers:

  • If your Michael Kors wallet is made of leather. The leather should smell like a leather not plastic.
  • Michael Kors use a logo fabric for the inner part of the waller. Be sure to check the logo if it is imprinted the proper way.
  • Michael Kors only uses 2 metal colors for their hardware. It is either Gold or Silver.
  • Make sure to check the zipper, sometimes you cannot see YKK on the zipper. All you have to do is open and close the wallet using the zipper, it should be very smooth upon opening and closing it.
  • Check the seams for loose thread. MK will never do a sloppy bag or wallet.
  • Finally, if in doubt ask the seller if where did she bought it.

I’m loving to my new wallet, but also loving Ensogo Philippines for selling authentic and designer stuff from Michael Kors. Until next month, what do you think should I buy next? And don’t forget to get in touch with Ensogo Philippines! They have a lot of exciting and new deals everyday.

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