[Update: July 2017] How to Spot: Longchamp Le Pliage NEO


New color of Longchamp Le Pliage Neo


What does the bag tag code means? Here are the details:

Color Codes of Longchamp Neo

Navy: 556
Black: 001
Grey: 112
Ruby: 379
Emerald: 033
Bilberry: 645
Poppy: 642
Orange: 017
Hydrangea: 643
Khaki: 292

2017 Summer
Chalk: 337
Peony: A27

2017 Fall
Raspberry: 232

The first 4 digits means

Longchamp Le Pliage Style Codes
Le Pliage Small Long Handles 2605089
Le Pliage Large Long Handles (EU version) 1899089
Le Pliage Large Long Handles (pre-2012 discontinued US Version) 2724089
Le Pliage Short Handles Large Travel Bag 1624089
Le Pliage Short Handles X-Large Travel Bag 1625089
Le Pliage Small Short Handles 1621089
Le Pliage Medium Short Handles 1623089

The next 3 digits are the bag model

Longchamp Le Pliage Bag Model Codes
Le Pliage Cuir 737
Le Pliage 089
LM Cuir Leather 746
Le Pliage Neo 578
Le Pliage Neo Fantaisie 627
Le Pliage Heritage 813

Meet the 2 new color of Longchamp Neo Chalk and Peony.
Available in Small, Medium and Large.



Here’s additional photo comparison from my reader’s fake vs authentic LC Neo.
The blue on is the fake one while the red one is the authentic one.





I recently email Longchamp to check if they have Neo in Lime, Yellow or Lavender and this is their reply:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.59.47 PM


Hope this helps you guys, don’t get fooled by low price bag.



A lot have been asking me to have a separate article about how to spot fake Longchamp Le Pliage Neo. So here you go guys!

At first Longchamp released only seven colours for this line and these are the following: Bilberry, Navy, Black, Hydragea or Fuchsia (hot pink), Emerald (med. green), Poppy (orange-red), and Orange (looks yellow-orange).

and this year they added two more colours: Grey and Khaki and release again black, navy and fuchsia.

bandeau_neo_colorama_0Photos are from: longchamp.com, bragmybag.com and lyst.com

And by the way I recently read a news from another bag blog that Longchamp Le Pliage Neo has three sizes: Small (1512) 25x23x26 cm, Medium (1515) 32x28x17 cm and Large (1630) 40x13x18 cm.

Here’s a comparison of authentic and fake Longchamp Le Pliage Neo (Photo on the left side of your screen is the FAKE one)

Snap Button should be Longchamp above and 1948 below. It should also be well aligned on the jockey above. The jockey in the snap button should look like a jockey not anything else.

Zipper pull should be very detailed and the arch of the jockey is way higher than the fake one. The horse in the fake one is much more skinnier than the authentic one. Colour of the pull also is very different because the authentic one is much shinier and lively than the fake one which is so dull.

Zipper use in most Longchamp bags are YKK. With Longchamp Le Pliage Neo you can see the YKK tag inside the bag. You can’t barely see the difference between the two, but if you look closely you can see the shape of the authentic one have much indented arc that the fake one which is like a slope. You can also see the difference in the letter N on the authentic one which is very straighten than the fake which have the rounded edges.

Back flap should be smooth and not hairy.

Back of the bag should have Longchamp and Modele Depose engrave at the back. Although, they both look a like except for the colour, you can see the difference in the Modele Depose part the fake one have much thinner letters than the authentic one.

Finally, the Tag. Not all made in France are authentic remember that. Most made in France are bags that are limited edition like the Eiffel Tower. Most tags are printed like the one on the right side, you can also check the 10 digit codes if it really matches the bag’s identity. Remember that 1515(medium) or 1512(small) is for the sizing of the bag, 578 is the bag model code and the last 3 digit or the 001 on the right sample tag is for the color.

Don’t forget to measure it! Small should measure: 25 x 23 x 16 cm, Medium should measure:  32 x 28 x 17 cm and Large should measure: 40x31x18 cm

Don’t get fooled on sales talk and receipt because it can also be counterfeited also. Be vigilant in buying your hard earned money, every penny counts! If you want your bags to be checked, please download our app on iOS or Google Play



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123 thoughts on “[Update: July 2017] How to Spot: Longchamp Le Pliage NEO

  1. Hi. I bought LC Le pliage latge long handle at the bag master. I am having doubts since the plastic disc inside the bag is not crisp but instead, it is soft and bendable. Hope you could help me. Thanks!

      1. HI are you familiar with the bag master? Are they selling authentic? I’m planning to avail longchamp neo on their store 🙂 please help thanks 🤗

          1. I bought one. It looks legit to me. Bought a longchamp MLH in Surf and Turf for about 8,000 PHP. After 3 years of using, and dry cleaning it, the bag is still good to go with slight damahe on the flaps.

        1. Hi! Got longchamp neo at greenbelt…The sales lady told me there are only 3 colors for 2017. On this site, the first release was 7 colors. I also wonder if the bag master is legit since they have choco brown which is not with the colors of the first release… correct me if I’m wrong… Baka meron nga choco brown for other years.. thank u

          1. Hi, I used to buy LC Neo at thebagmaster. There are a lot of designs/colors that they offer but as per longchamp CSR (I emailed them the pictures of tbm’s prodcuts) they confirm that they do not release that particular design (LC Neo embroidered) or colors. But of course tbm defended their product and they are firm that they only want “honest business” and they are selling authentic products. I doubt it because even it was on sale you cant buy LC Neo Medium for just 4k pesos. So I was able to get a refund from them because I dont believe in the authenticity of their product and I have confirmations from Longchamp Paris stating their products are knock offs.

    1. Hi, were you able to check the authenticity of the bag from bagmaster? Planning to get one from them. Thanks.

  2. Hello, I found out there are a lot of sellers selling the defects Longchamp handbags from Paris. They also claim the items supply directly from the outlet with some defects. I wonder how they get all the defects items and sell it online.

  3. Hi,

    I need your help, kindly help me authenticate this bag, I bought it online and was kinda disappointed when I got it. Please help.

    1. Here’s the code

      Navy: 1630578556
      Black: 1630578001
      Grey: 1630578112
      Ruby: 1630578379

      Ruby: 1512578379
      Black: 1512578001
      Grey: 1512578112
      Navy: 1512578556

      Grey: 1515578112
      Black: 1515578001
      Navy: 1515578556
      Ruby: 1515578379

      Chalk: 1512578337
      Peony: 1512578A27

Chalk: 1515578337
Peony: 1515578A27

Chalk: 1630578337
Peony: 1630578A27

      1. hi, if someone dare to sell 36 colors of longchamp neo, is it safe to say that it is a fake one?
        how many colours does neo have?

  4. Hi! Can I ask for your help, my friend sell me a longchamp bag medium size in black, i’m a bit worried that it’s a fake longchamp. Can I sendsend you a picture of the bag. ☺

  5. Hi, i’ve read your article and is very helpful. May i just ask if the list of colors you mentioned for the longchamp neo are just the colors from time it was released in the narket until now? Its because there are so many sellers claiming they have variety of colors and are all aunthentic daw

  6. Hi. Is it authentic and there’s has Royal Blue color in Longchampe Neo Le Priage? I check all the requirement above and has seen my bag is authentic. However i couldnt found Royal Blue in Longchamp website. Pls held

      1. Oh okay. May alam po ba kayo kung san pa available ang pebble or bilberry dito sa ph? Kasi nagpunta ako kanina sa rustans gateway di daw sila nagkaron ng bilberry ever. Any suggestions po? Or any authentic online sellers that you may recommend? 🙂

  7. Hello Ma’am Arcee,

    I recently came across a Longchamp Neo bags bought from United Kingdom whose serial tag includes OB.
    For example, a Longchamp Neo Small in Beige has this serial:

    1512578OB005, and it’s Made in China.

    What do you think of this. Is it fake or authentic?

    Hope to receive a reply from you soon.

    Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi! For small neo, they have Porcelein color? One online shopper insisting that they only selling authentic one. Please help. It cost buy1take1 for 2,800.

  9. hi i just bought long champ neo small salmon pink..and i think its a fake one i check everything and at the back of tje zipper it say’s YKK EVS not really familiar with the original price..but i got it for 1800 pesos only..she told me that it was 2300 for the original price and it was on sale..reading most of the comments here just found out that it would cost about 9k to 11k.so i know 100% that the bag i got is fake!!!!

  10. Hi please help me distinguish this i think this is a High quality replica . But the seller keep on insisting that her LC are from France and Authentic. Just didn’t passed the QC. So she sells at very low price 2500

  11. Hello po any advise po on proper cleaning/maintaining a longchamp bag?
    Pwede ko po ba syang labahan using soap & water?

  12. thank you for your article and i learned alot from this.

    would like to seek your advice. I bought 2 La Piage Neo Medium at the same LC shop in Paris, but in 2 different colours. One navy one and 1 black. Seeing the label stating one made in paris, the other made in Tunisia, is acceptable. However, behind the leather flap, one is smooth, the other seem not so smooth. is this common, due to different colour different leather?

    I only realize it after i return to my country. thanks in advance for advice.

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for this informative site! I just bought a Le Pliage bag, with the last three digit color code of 653. I can’t seem to find that code anywhere. I’m starting to wonder if this is a counterfeit. Do you know if this code exists anywhere?

  14. I just realised I got cheated! Mine was supposed to be bought in France by a colleague’s friend and I was trying to sell it now that I don’t use it. Then everyone is asking to see clear tag. And I don’t have one!

  15. Please give me your email so i can ask u to authenticate my longchamp neo that i recently just purchased.thank you hun😘

  16. Planning to buy a hot pink LC neo from bagmaster, but interior nya is same ng color nya sa labas. You think its authentic? Thanks.

  17. For the neo Medium do the colored leather handles have ribbing inside or none? Bag isnt with me so it will take me time to get photos. Also, do they have a 532 color code for neo’s? It’s a nice purple color im not sure what is the authentic code for a legit purple medium neo

  18. Hi. A friend of mine is selling me a NEO. she tild me its longchamp US with a serial number of 1515578005. im kinda doubtful about its authenticy. Can you have it checked for me?

  19. Hi! I recently bought LC neo from Style Capital, the reviews are good, all positive feedback from buyers that their bags are authentic. I’m just wondering how come they sell it at 2k, can they really sell it at such low price? They confirm that the bags are 100% authentic and that they get the items directly from the Manufacturer; exactly from where the distributors are getting their stocks. – is this possible too? They said that they cannot disclose the name of the distributor as they signed an NDA. Thanks in advance for your help. PS: referring to your description above, the bags looked ok to me except for one detail.

      1. Hi!
        Ever heard from style capital ph. They sell 2000 php LC neo. I am skeptical about the price and saw in the comments that somebody bought from them and asking if their products are authentic.

  20. Hi! I bought an LC neo from a friend. In the office, my workmate checked the authenticity by touching the roundness of the zipper. She said my bag is not authentic because its round compared to other LC that it should be flat. Is this true? Thank you.

  21. Hi. I was supposed to order LC Neo from bagsrus. Seller claims that the bags are authentic. Selling price 1,400.00. I’m just relieved that I was able to see your site and it really helped me. Thanks a lot.

    1. Price is really a red flag. neo cost around 9-11k depends on the size of the bag, even if you buy abroad it still cost around 5-7k. How can they sell that low if their bags are authentic

  22. Hello. Thank you for this article. May I ask for a list of colors and their color codes available/released in the past for LC Neo? Thanks.

  23. Hi, I’ve seen a lot of the pictures of a color called Opera Red (it’s like a dark/maroonish red). Is this authentic as well or a fake? Thanks in advance

  24. I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website 🙂

  25. Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Thank you so much!

  26. Hi,

    Have you ever heard from style capital ph?
    They sell long champ neo and herschel in instagram. Their longchamp neo price starts at 2000 php. I am curious and would like to purchase the LC with sakura design but I am not sure if the product is authentic.

    Thank you!

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