How to SPOT: Guess

  • Check the tag, tag should have a rounded side not square. Some sellers removed the tags for Customs purposes.
  •  Always check the tags inside stating the “MADE in CHINA”. Yes, you read it right “MADE in CHINA”. Almost all of the bags are manufactured in China. I have also read one blog that some GUESS bags are made in INDONESIA.  (
  • For the newest bag designs, you will see a metal name plate sewn on the bag.
  • Online business is a matter of trust so it is much better if you ask the seller if we they can come with you to let the bag be checked at the boutique.
  • Check the dust bag the latest dust bag of GUESS is the white one with red GUESS print.
  • Lastly, always check the name of the product or check online if GUESS has that kind of bag. Don’t be fooled by the cute and sassy looking fake designs. GUESS only design a Sophisticated bag.
Made in CHINA tag.


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