How to SPOT: Coach

  • Coach Bag or wristlet usually have zipper that is made by YKK, but some of the other Coach products don’t have YKK as their zipper but it doesn’t mean that it is fake already. You will feel and you can see whether your Coach is authentic or not. Some other zippers used by Coach. Talon or Coach.
  • The MADE IN CHINA tag inside, does these mean its fake? Actually no!!, Some Coach products are manufactured in China and the other countries and the materials they used came from the country of origin which is ITALY. Other countries where Coach Bags are made US, Costa Rica, Hungary, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Italy and India.
  • The Credo Patch,  The last 4-5 digits of the serial number is the style number of the bag.
  • Hang tags should be EMBOSSED not INGRAVED.
  • Always buy from reputable Sellers and they are willing to meet you in person for you to see the bags personally.

First Photo is the Authentic one, check the letter A and the letter C.
at the lower part is the fake tag. (Photo Source from :

authentic hang tag
This is an authentic hang tag is from my Coach wristlet
Photo is not mine
Photo is not mine, I got it from the source above.

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