How to Make Furniture from Car Parts


How to Make Furniture from Car Parts

The various parts you can find in your cars or automobiles (both new and old) have different functions. But did you know that you can actually turn them into home furniture? You read that right, you can definitely make these parts functional even in your own homes; you just have to know which ones you need and what you can do with them.

There are a number of muffler sellers here in the Philippines though visiting them is not a must, especially if you have an old vehicle just lying around. Go ahead and inspect it properly and choose which ones can still be used as furniture. To give you some clue about what to do, here are some do-it-yourself ideas.

Curtain rods made out of steering wheels

Steering wheels are important to control your vehicle but if it no longer runs, then maybe it’s time to put them again into good use. You can turn them into unique curtain rods for your home; just follow these directions.

  1. You are going to need three pieces of steering wheels for this project. You may visit a car mechanical to get the other two if you only have one.
  2. Start cleaning them up by using yard clippers to remove the plastic or rubber stuff covering it. You can also try to use rust-removing chemicals to get rid of the nasty rust covering the wheels.
  3. Choose a room where you are going to display them. Here’s a tip: they go really well into rooms with white walls. Attach them to your walls however you want to.
  4. If you do not have any curtain panels just lying around, you can stitch one using Stitch Witchery and attach the hems together.
  5. Lastly, attach your curtains to your new curtain rods.

Tire Rim Ottomans

Adding ottomans in a certain room can make it look complete with a classy feel to it; but you do not have to buy an expensive one just to achieve this look. In fact, all you need to do is to find tractor car tire rims.

  1. There is a high tendency that these rims have been dominated by rust so it is encouraged that you steel brush and power wash them.
  2. After washing and drying them, you can go ahead and paint them using a red and white spray paint. They would look much better by then. Wait for the paint to dry and put it aside.
  3. Get a piece of hard plywood and cut a circle that would later become the ottomans’ upholstered top. Make sure to trim and adjust the circle to custom fit the rims.
  4. Attach two-inch foams to the circle and cover it with a quilted fabric. Staple the fabric to the foams and then cut off the extra sides to achieve a clean and neat look.
  5. After the paint dries on your tire rims, place the quilted top over them.
  6. Finally, display them proudly anywhere in your house.

There are other ways you can turn these parts into furniture just found out which are right for you and for your home. If you like to use them for your garden as well, then better check out some references in the web! There would be a lot to mention! Happy crafting with your car!

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