How to be More Motivated at Work

Your daily routine is fairly simple—it revolves around you struggling constantly to get something done at work. Some days, you teem with vigor, and you finish your tasks with an enthusiasm you wish you’ve always had. Most of the time, though, everything just feels like a gruesome chore.

You’ve grown desperate. You’re willing to do anything to change your situation—perhaps by sifting through blogs and self-help books, or by listening to some motivational speaker from the Philippines.

If you’re feeling lost, then don’t fret. You’ve come at the right place. Here are some ways to help you be more motivated at work.


Convince yourself that it’s not hard work.

As the cliché goes, it all starts with the proper mindset. Tell yourself that your work helps you achieve an encompassing goal—whether it’s to improve your character, or to further your career path. Look ahead and acknowledge that your work is beneficial to you in the long run.

Remind yourself that what you’re doing matters.

More often than not, your work goes beyond you. Tell yourself that your job makes a tremendous impact—whether it’s for the betterment of the company or, in some cases, of the world.

Don’t just dwell on the negative side.

Come on, stop reprimanding yourself for every mistake you’ve committed. It’s an unhealthy practice that can dampen your mood. Instead, acknowledge your accomplishments—no matter how trivial they might seem—and take pride in them.

Reward yourself.

Give yourself an incentive. If you finish that arduous assignment on time, then treat yourself to a cup of coffee. At the end of a grueling week, allow yourself a quick visit to your favorite store.

Break down your goals to smaller ones.

You’ve probably heard of this approach when tackling tasks, but you can also apply it to motivation. Once you accomplish your smaller goals, you will be endowed with a sense of accomplishment. It will also be easier for you to take note of your progress.

Don’t be distracted by needless things.

Ponder on your routine. Eliminate tasks that are meaningless, or tasks that can serve as distractions. You’re better off devoting your time and energy to something more sensible.

Don’t underestimate the power of habits.

Incorporate a specific habit into your everyday routine, such as reading a few chapters of a novel before you get to work, can also make a difference. The success of this small task will instantly make you feel productive—something that can help you be more motivated.

Do a reverse checklist.

Aside from listing down the things you need to finish, also take note of the tasks that you’ve done. Seeing them laid down will grant you a sense of accomplishment.

Take care of your body!

It’s not enough to merely work on your mental well-being. You also have to make sure that your body is always replenished. One way of doing this is by getting enough sleep.


Key Takeaway

It’s time for you to liberate yourself from your unceasing lethargy at work. No, you don’t have to be some motivational speaker from the Philippines or a renowned self-help book author to be able to pull this off. It all begins with a few simple steps and habits that you should learn to integrate in your everyday life.


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