How to be a MaxiMom + the new Lysol maxcover mist

Just awhile ago I attended the an event which tackles about being a mom and keeping the family safe from bacterias and viruses and the Whole Mom team, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Marilen Faustino-Montenegro and each of them discuss diffrent part of being a mom and how to keep the house clean and beautiful.

The first to present is Marien Faustino-Montenegro and she talked about organising the living room which most of the time is the play room, dinning room and other room that we can call it because most of the time we spend most of our time in the living room or mostly we have limited space at home. I really learn a lot from her talked because I have a hard time making our living room looks nice and very “sosyal” looking since most of the time we are on that area. Marien, emphasises three easy steps to organise our living room.

  • Use of tray on the living room
  • Use baskets
  • Clean and organise immediately

It’s really easy because we can buy affordable trays and baskets on the market and that can hide our kids many “kalat” or other things that we need to hide to make the room clutter free. The last one is really easy because we need to educate ourselves to be more diligent in keeping our house clean and tidy.

Cheska was the next speaker and talked about keeping our house clean and instilling the habit of cleaning to our help at home or even to our kids. I, myself taught my kids at an early age to clean and tidy up their rooms because I always told them that the room is a mirror of their personality, though that was just my make up speech, but I think they have instill it to themselves and until now they are doing it by themselves. I really don’t love cleaning, but we need to do it to protect our family from bacterias and viruses and my most favourite part in the house is the comfort room and I  always wanted it clean and smell good because that’s where we make most of our intimate time with ourselves. I love how Cheska emphasizes bring the habit to the family and there is 3 process of it on the Kramer’s household and we are so fortunate that she shares that secret with us and now I am sharing it with you guys.

3 process of forming a habit:

  • Set a Reminder
  • Start with something easy to start.
  • Reward yourself or family members

Did you know, that you need 66days to from a habit?

The last to present is Rica and she emphasises about our heart’s desire to be clean. I super love her talked because it is about us being a mom that sometimes we snapped to our kids and we even scolded them and most of the time we never say sorry to them because we all insist that they should only be the one to say sorry to us because we are the authority. Rica also shares about What we should release from our hearts.

  • Encouragement
  • Confessions
  • Forgiveness
  • Apology

We just all need to mommies like us or our friends who we can lean and tell our problems and people who will not judge us for what we have done. I super love this quote from her talked “ Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win” (Jonathan Kozol) We all have our own struggles in live, but we really need to choose what battles we fight for because at the ened of the day our family will be the one to suffer.

And finally! I love to share with you the newest from Lysol which will make our bedroom and couches virus free. The new Lysol MaxCover Mist disinfectant is designed to cover and disinfect larger and soft surfaces like our mattresses and couches which I think is really hard to clean.

What’s new with it and what it differs from the other Lysol disinfectant product?

It has a wider coverage because of the wide-angle spray and has a very ultra light mist which is prevent from over wetting our mattresses and couches.

This new Lysol have two fragrance: Garden After rain and Lavender Field and it is now available in the leading supermarkets, hypermarket, club stores and drugstores nationwide. You can protect your family now from harmful viruses and bacterias and by the way it is just P411. So don’t forget to put Lysol on your grocery list!

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