How to avoid getting a fake bag online?

There are a lot of online sellers on Facebook and Instagram lately and maybe you are asking yourself where should I get my very first branded or luxury bag? I know you have read a lot of articles like mine, but it’s really fun to help people out specially when they wanted the best for themselves and bags can really give them the joy just like diamond.

Many are telling us that a woman’s greatest joy are diamonds it can be a pair for the ear or a big chuck for the fingers. So, here’s a list on how to avoid getting a knock off

Check the online seller if they provide “Money Back Guarantee”

I remember back then when I was still selling, I offered my clients and sooner I had my resellers also the Money Back guarantee rule because in that way I assured them that I only buy the best for my clients, resellers and for my self.

Celebrity endorsement or blogger endorsement does not mean they sell legit

We all think that when a celebrity endorses a the bag it means that they sell the real deal. I’ve been there and done that also. I’ve done that before when I was selling, it’s really so nice to see that celebrities are endorsing your products and thanking you about it, but a celebrity friend told me that most of the time they didn’t know if it’s the really deal or not and she also told me that I don’t even use it (that’s ouch for me!) But that’s ok, they can splurge on what they want that’s why most of the time their PA are the one using the items.

A lot of followers is not also a determinant they sell legit

We can all buy our very own followers, I know people who do that to make their online shop looks more appealing and can gain legitimacy, but you wasting your money and effort with it.

Know more about the bag you want to buy

Check online or do window shopping to know what kind of bags are you buying, what colours has been release this season or last season. You need to educate yourselves before going to buy your hard earned money.

Check the price of the bag your are buying (this is red flag)

This is a must guys, you should know the original prices because most of the time luxury or branded bags can give up up to 40% discount on their boutique, but not super sale except for boutiques or store abroad which offers very great deal because most are from the old season. It’s really nice shopping at airport boutiques because they sell lower that mall boutiques.

DTI registration is not a basis of selling legit bags

If you thinks DTI registration can determine authenticity of your bags, well that’s so sad about it. You can easily buy DTI registration at Recto and taaadaa! you can now say you’re legit!

Check the seller, most sellers are rude and will use “I’ll see you in court!” or “We have every reason to tell, we are legit” or “ Our items are authentic over runs”

You can hear a lot of excess from sellers specially when they are threatened and they know that they are selling knock offs. And as wander around the social media selling, I encountered a lot of rude sellers and most of my readers wanted to push through with filing case because of their rudeness and they have emailed the brand itself and checked the item already and provide that it’s really fake, but they still insisted it’s not.

I love helping people to check their bag and help online sellers gain more customers, but we all need to be in the same page and don’t get rudeness over power if you know you are selling knock off or if you don’t know if your are selling the right one there are people who can help and you can ask you suppliers about it and where they get the items. You don’t need to be rude because people earned for the money they pay you and they earned it the hard way and mama always told us “What goes around comes around, karma isn’t sleeping”

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