How I manage a life of work, business and fun at the same time? + Dishwashing hacks for moms

A lot of people know me as a funny and very talkative person. But, not everyone knows the real story of my life. I have only a few friends who I can trust and share the story of my life with. I can also say that I am a very friendly person, but I have that group of friends who’s like a family to me and I think they keep me sane in this very crazy world.

I always dreamed of having a business of my own, but as an only child I was really afraid of starting it as I grew up relying on my parents in everything I do, even the brand and the style of my clothes, I rely on them. But, as I grow old. I’ve learned that independence is not just freedom, but a way to say that I can stand up on my own. I’ve been an avid fan of bags and I love them very much. I have this thing with bags like they are calling me when they want to be bought. That’s why I decided to invest in the bag importing business. I never really thought that I can do this on own. Even my husband doubted me at first since, he knows me very well that I don’t have that patience in everything I do.

At first we did online selling and eventually, I dreamed of selling directly to people. That’s why we opened our home to people who would love to see our bags personally. It was a really hard task, especially with all the paper works and the money that I am spending in building this very small “shop” I can call and as I mentioned on the upper part of this article, I am not the most patient person you’ll meet. You’ll never want to see me at that time when I was so pressured that I want to just quit and just stay in the online world. I was really earning very good money then. But, I was really hoping to go the extra mile and to provide better for my own family, not just rely on my husband. And just to add to this new “baby” that I am planning, I have to be involved in my son’s activities at school and also the responsibilities I have as a homemaker. I mean as women, this is how life is, we need to juggle everything and still we need to love and care for our family no questions asked or we cannot even complain a little, because moms never back down on any problem they are facing. We just have to move forward and face everything with an open mind and heart. We don’t even fear worry or failure, we just wanted things to be okay and perfect for our family.

But, when I look back and see all the hard work and stress, plus eye bags and fats due to stress eating, I must say that everything is possible and #ZeroWorries when you have a great partner in life, love and household.
I never complain to my family about cooking, washing the dishes and taking care of them, because I love them so much that I will always do and buy the things I know I can trust. That’s why I always tell my friends that being a mom makes us really fearless, even if we worry on the inside we still need to be stronger than a rock and face everything in life.

That’s why I am so happy that I was able to juggle everything that I love. It’s very stressful to manage a business, take care of the family, work as a manager and be a mom and cook at the same time. But, I am not complaining about it. I never thought that I can cook, until I tried it and realized I was good in the kitchen. But cooking and preparing is easy, but those ”sebo” that was left after I cook is a nightmare. Especially that I love cooking Kaldereta or Beef Stew in liver sauce. The “sebo” would give me hard time to clean our pots especially when I was using a different brand. I thought buying it will lessen my dishwashing expense, but we literally finish the big bottle in a week. That was way too hassle and so expensive and most of the pots still smells like what I’ve cooked.

I’m really lucky that all the brands I’ve been using in our household never fail me especially that I love to cook for my family. If I wasn’t using Joy Dishwashing Liquid maybe my life would be miserable or I don’t have ample time to play with

my son. The newest Joy Dishwashing Liquid makes even more time, play and me time! Mas nagkaroon na ako ng oras sa pamilya ko dahil Zero-sebo and zero worries ako with Joy, hindi ko na kailangan ulitin ang mga hugasin. Just like what I did in life, I don’t want it “pauli-ulit” I wanted our life to move forward.

Before you get bored of my article here are some dishwashing hacks you can use at home:

  • Invest in a good sponge and Joy dishwashing liquid.
    You can never go wrong with a trusted brand of sponge and Joy dishwashing liquid. You can save a lot of money and dishwashing is not a chore anymore.
  • Always wash from the cleanest to the dirtiest. With that method, you will never need to dump or put dishwashing liquid to your sponge over and over again.
  • I know a lot of you are doing this, but I just want to share some dishwashing tips when it comes to dishwashing liquid. There are a lot of brands out there and they are much cheaper than Joy Dishwashing liquid and I must say I tried it, but you know it can only last a short period of time because when you mix it with water it cannot take away all the “sebo” and oil on the plate or in the casserole. That’s why I never changed our brand again and I’ve never been this happy that a sachet can last a long time.


*In partnership with Joy Philippines

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