How I Make Work life easier

As a stay-at-home of two, is a really tough job. You need to please and make your family happy everytime they come from from school or work. Many would say that being a stay-at-home mom makes our life easier because we have our own time and we don’t have real bosses like the corporate peeps, but for me being a parent or a stay-at-home mom is such a tough job and requires a lot of patience, love and understanding because your boss is your kids and husband.

That is why I listed my top 3 things that I usually do which makes my life or work life much easier even if stress is always with me:

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I usually do things like blogging and other chores like cleaning ahead of time

My kids usually makes a lot mess especially when they got home from school whenever they are away I usually clean the bathroom, kitchen and the sala before they come home and after cleaning I use to blog and check some emails and answer my readers questions about bags.

I am always thinking that my family is my inspiration whenever I do home chores

It’s super hard to clean and cook for your family, but it’s also very rewarding that is why I always thinks that every chore I do is for them.

Last, but not the least I take Fern-C

As I battle cancer, my doctors always told me to take vitamins everyday to make my immune system strong and avoid getting diseases outside. It also make my life and health super strong because Fern-C is super Subok na and Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C.

That’s the top 3 things I usually do to stay away from stress from being a stay-at-home. My family is my inspiration and they will always be my top priority. That is why I alway take care of my self and take Fern-C as my vitamin C supplement because it is super effective and very safe for me (due to my Big C).


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