How do we really nurture our child’s gift?

As a mom we always ensure that we are giving our kids the best and when we mean the best we always means “the best”. I remember my very first event with Promil, I brought my son with me and he started talking to people from Promil as he should also be considered gifted because at the age of 3 he can memorize more than 300 bible verses in one seating. He was also the national and regional champion of bible memory verse in the country.

I don’t know why he’s so good at that knowing that he was globally delayed with high IQ as per his Developmental Pediatrician which I really could not understand. That’s why I am so happy to be part again of Promil and they asked us to become our 5 year old self. Which is so hard for me as my kids are now all grown up. We started with doing art work which I don’t really have, but I must say I enjoyed it though my art piece is not that pleasing to the eye. Our next session was building a house without talking and it was so hard I remember both my kids as their teachers would always complain about them being so talkative inside the classroom and our last was doing yoga with a twist of being like a baby and making funny sounds of an animal.

I just love how the programs goes and how I understand that children needs to understood about their needs to fulfill their full potential. I must say that both my kids are doing their best in school and also socially, specially my youngest who have a hard time before making friends. I think I nurture my child’s gift by helping them on the path they are going and also with proper nutrition and letting them go and become a child helps a lot in achieving what they are today.

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PROMIL® Four has long been known for nurturing the young Filipino’s gift. It is specially formulated for children above three years old and is the only brand that contains NUTRISSENTIALS®—the combination of the unique and important nutrients that help support mental & physical development to help Nurture the Gift, together with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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