How Can I Identify The Pests In My Home?

There are many different insects that will try to invade your home, and it can be difficult to tell what kind of insect treatment you need to exterminate the pests. Pesticide is not an all in one insect killer. An exterminator will need to mix the solution that fits the situation. For example, bed bugs produce bacteria on their bodies that detoxify many active ingredients in pesticides. This can make them very difficult to exterminate if you don’t have the proper insecticide for the job. There are some telltale signs that determine what insect is living in your home as well as the species of that insect. Some of the most noteworthy identifiable signs include: droppings, damage to your home, and bites they leave on humans. Speak with an Excel Pest Professional about identifying the insects in your home.

All insects leave behind unique droppings that a professional can identify in no time. If cockroaches are abundant in your neighborhood, you should be on the lookout for small black granular droppings that resemble coffee grounds. Since cockroaches congregate in groups so quickly, you will most likely see a large quantity of droppings in one place. If you see piles of sawdust around the outside of your home you should call a professional immediately, because this is a sign of termites. These incredibly destructive pests absorb all of the moisture out of wood during the digestive process which gives their feces the appearance of sawdust.

A large infestation of bugs can leave your home riddled with holes and structurally unsafe to inhabit if the problem has gone untreated for several months. Most people do not think of insects inflicting lasting damage on a home, but each year homeowners in the United State spend over $30 billion repairing damage caused by pests. Homeowners spend $5 billion just on repairing termite damage alone. It may surprise you to hear that cockroaches can damage products around your home. Cockroaches love to feed on starch, and there is a lot of starch in paper products. This means that you may find books in your home have been eaten through and even your wallpaper can be devoured by these unpleasant creatures.

Some small insects will feed on humans if given the opportunity, and others will only bite if they are in danger. It is important to know which of these have infested your home so you can swiftly exterminate any insect that may intentionally bite you. It is important to call a professional to exterminate these pests because blood sucking insects can transmit numerous harmful diseases to humans. The two you should look out for are bed bugs and fleas. Bed bugs usually bite in straight lines and in groups of three or four bites. These are much different than fleas that do not follow a particular pattern and may only bite once. Both of these bites are relatively small, so if you have a larger bite it is most likely from a spider that found its way into your bed.

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  1. I hate pests! lalo na nang maging Ina ako, dalawa lang pests na palagi tlga namig tinututukan, ipis at daga. We used baygon for ipis and lamok at sa daga naman, may panglason po kami na nilalagay sa pagkain, nilalagay namin kung san sila dumadaan, epektibo po tlga. Nakkatakot naman mga bed bugs! dadagdagan ko alerto ko tlga bago matulog…thanks for this tips!

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