Hotel Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

A promo buffet hotel is one of the best things to ever grace this planet! All those food lined up for you to enjoy…and all under one massive roof that allows you to stay even for a single night or day. With that said, being able to stay in any of the many luxury hotels around the city is one of the best experiences to be had—provided that a certain set of rules are being followed. In other words, hotel etiquette is definitely in the spotlight for this piece!


Like most public establishments, there is always a set of rules for everyone to follow, which all in all can display an utmost sense of etiquette. In the case of any promo buffet hotel, or any luxury hotel around the country, hotel etiquette is always best observed in most aspects! Here are some of the best do’s and don’ts for you to follow whenever you’re in any luxury hotel in the metro:


DO Make Small Talk with Hotel Employees

Of course, this is one act that not only shows utter hotel etiquette, it also shows that you can be the best guest you can be. In this case, making small talk with anyone working in the hotel can actually heighten your experience as you get to make new friends during your stay. Anyone from security guards, to the concierges, to even those who deliver you room service every morning will surely appreciate your kind act.

Also, this is where ‘tipping’ can be done. For every good deed they’ve made for your satisfaction, surely, they deserve something in return, right?


DON’T Harass the Hotel Employees

When it comes to this, any kind of profanity and aggression directed at hotel employees, in other words the dedicated employees that work 24/7 to make sure that each and every guest is satisfied, is NEVER okay. Once this is done, prepare to kiss your deluxe stay goodbye! This is one thing that should NEVER be done in any hotel around the metro!


DO Enjoy the Food

Of course, when it comes to any luxury hotel, a promo buffet is always up and about in these kinds of establishments. In this case, take your time to enjoy as much of the food as you can, including ordering room service—all while following proper table manners of course.

Speaking of room service however…


DON’T Order Room Service NAKED

This is one of the hotel etiquette rules that actually entails A LOT OF COMMON SENSE. Doing this will not only send the wrong message, it can also ruin your sense of camaraderie with each and every hotel employee. Plus, with this, you can definitely get reported to security—so, put your clothes on.


Key Takeaway

These simple hotel etiquette do’s and don’ts are more than enough to entice anyone to follow them. Though there are other forms of rules in store for your vacation and staycation experience—but these 4 do’s and don’ts are definitely the more important ones to be considered!



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