Home Security Tips Before You Travel

CCTV supplier in the Philippines could tell you dozens of horror stories about families that came home to a ransacked, robbed, and tattered house after going on a long out-of-town or -country vacation. They would say that some considered these families lucky that the crime happened while they were away and no one got hurt, but also that no one envies them for being victims of a common crime.

After which, they would tell you that each and every one of these families proceeded to installing home security systems after recovering from their loss. “Lesson learned,” they say but being a victim is not a prerequisite to realizing the dangers of leaving your home unsecured. It would be much better to prevent such things from happening using these home security tips:

Ask a Friend to House Sit

The best way to gain peace of mind and assurance that your home is safe while you’re out traveling is to have a friend or neighbor house sit for you. Of course, this should be someone that you completely trust and believe won’t run away with all your valuables. When someone agrees, you can ask them to either live at your house while your away or simply visit it every once and a while to check up on it.

Either way, you’re going to have to give them a spare key so that they can enter whenever needed. You also have to give them a copy of your itinerary and all contact information so they can contact you when something bad happens or simply to update you.

Don’t Make Your Travel Plans Public

People seem to believe that criminals don’t lurk in the internet and insist on sharing their travel plans on every social media platform available. It’s like they’re asking these people to come to their house and take whatever they can. Once it happens, they start to question everything starting from why their house was chosen without realizing that they invited the devil themselves.

While it is important for someone to know what your plans are in case an emergency comes up, you don’t have to post it online for everyone to see. If you must post, then at least make your account private and don’t advertise that there’s no one home at the moment.

Lock Everything

Everyone knows to lock their doors and gates when they leave home. While it’s a good habit to have and remember, you need to keep in mind that criminals can easily penetrate this level of security. In order to really make them work for their crime, lock everything that can be locked from storage cabin, cabinets, desk drawers, and wardrobes.

It would also benefit you to stash your valuables – laptops, gaming systems, jewelry, and what have you – into these storage containers. Keeping them out of sight is an effective way to demotivate criminals and make them think that there’s nothing worth stealing in your home.

Install a Home Security System

If you’re a very frequent traveler, then you may be able to make your life easier by simply installing a home security system. You can ask any security agency or CCTV supplier in the Philippines to set it up for you and connect it to your devices so you can monitor your home whenever you’re away. It may even be possible to integrate it to the agency’s system so that they are alerted whenever someone tries to break in your house and can immediately go on-site to check things.

It may cost you a few thousands, but it should be worth it since you will be able to fully enjoy your travels without having to worry about crimes and unfortunate events.

Key Takeaway

It’s not that difficult to keep your home secure before you travel. All you have to do is ask someone you trust for help, refrain from publicly posting your travel plans, lock everything in your house, and/or install a home security system.

Admittedly, the last one isn’t completely necessary but benefits those that travel a lot. For those that don’t, however, sticking to the first three tips should be enough to drive criminals away and keep your home safe from any invasion!

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