Herman Miller Embody Chair: The Ultimate Executive Chair?

Whether you work at the office, or are the master of your own domain working from home, having a good executive chair to sit comfortably (and feel important) is important.

I’ve been researching executive office chair lately, as the state of my current chair isn’t exactly pretty. That’s when I came across the Herman Miller Embody Chair. It’s an extraordinary chair that’s as imposing as it is ergonomic. I spent a whole afternoon researching its specs before trying it out in my local office equipment store. Here are my findings and initial impressions of this executive office chair.

Designed with Input from Medical Experts

The Embody Chair, which ships fully assembled, has been designed with the input of no less than 30 physicians and PhDs apparently. This is why you can be sure that the Embody chair is designed for long-term sitting – it’s a chair which mitigates a host of sedentary lifestyle problems.

Here are the main features of the Embody Executive Chair:

  • With its health-positive design, the chair, with graphite base and frame,actually improves 6 important cardio-pulmonary functions.
  • The Embody Chairs comes from a multi-award winning company.
  • The Embody distributes pressure which allows blood and oxygen to circulate. The importance of this is that it eliminates fatigue and improves focus.
  • There is the tilt limiter so you can go from fully reclined to upright position. The tilt limiter works with the tilt tension knob.
  • The seat and frameless backrest of the Embody Chair respond to the body’s movements. The seat bottom is adjustable too from about 16½” to 22″. Locking seat depth handles are found at the edge of the Embody seat-bottom.
  • The black outer layer is Rhythm, a 100% durable polyester textile. The 4-layer mesh allows for greater air flow than what you get with traditional fabric. The pixelated support material reacts under your movements, and if you shift in the chair, the seat shifts, allowing users of the chair to sit for hours without experiencing uncomfortable heat-build-up.
  • The Backfit adjustment and integrated PostureFit​ Sacral Support make sure that the spine is aligned properly. In fact the backrest aligns to each person’s natural spine curve.
  • Adjustable Arms – you can set the height of the arms from 6.5″ to 11.5″ and the arms also adjust outward from 12″apart to 21″. This is ideal for the different kinds of work you might be performing. The armrests are also removable.
  • Environmentally sensitive people will be pleased to know the chair is made essentially from materials which are recyclable.


12 Year Warranty

After some time trying out the chair, here are some things I don’t like about the Embody Chair:

  • The casters are suited for rolling over a carpet but not for hardwood floors. The solution would be to buy casters suited for both carpet and hardwood floors.
  • The chair doesn’t come with a headrest, which I consider rather important.
  • The price is beyond the means of most people

Overall the Herman Miller Embody is one of the most ergonomic executive chairs you can get. The backrest is especially comfortable, contouring to your spine and making you feel like it’s an extension of your body. The biggest drawback for me is the price- at over $1,200, it’s not something I’m ready to commit to for an office chair. There are some much cheaper but excellent executive office chairs to be had for a lot less.

If your budget allows it then, this is one awesome executive chair I must say.

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