Health Benefits of Sardines and How to Make them taste Good

As most sardines company in the Philippines know that aside from being a delicious dish, it is also an excellent source of countless health benefits. It has been around for centuries now and it has been known for its fresh flavor that it brings to many recipes. The nutritional benefits of eating sardines have been proven for many people already. They are even sometimes recommended for pregnant women and older adults since it is a healthy alternative to various other foods.

Read on about the health benefits of sardines and how to make them taste good for every family meal!

It reduces inflammation and risk of disease

You have sardines company in the Philippines to thank for the steady supply of these tasty and nutritious treats. You should know that sardines are an excellent source of EPA and DHA, which are to fatty acids that can reduce inflammation. As studies suggest, inflammation is at the root of most diseases. Sardines can provide you with the anti-inflammatory disease that you need. If you would want an added protection against this, you should add a little bit of turmeric when you are cooking up a nice Spanish sardines recipe or a basic flavored sardine.

It provides many essential vitamins and minerals

Sardines can also provide you with essential vitamins like B 12, vitamin D, calcium, and selenium. The vitamin B 12 is especially important because there are a lot of people suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause serious symptoms that includes nerve damage, impaired mental function, problems in oxygen and cell regeneration, and chronic fatigue. One can of sardines can provide for your

It protects bone health

Aside from the vitamins listed above, sardines are also a great source of calcium. This is extremely important because 99% of the body’s calcium is stored in the bones and teeth. You would be relieved to read that just 2 oz. of sardines contains 217 mg of calcium which is enough daily intake for your calcium needs. A deficiency in calcium can bring about many complications like osteoporosis, tooth decay, muscle tension, unhealthy levels of high blood pressure, among others. This makes sardines a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant and therefore cannot consume too much dairy products for their calcium needs.

It helps combat anxiety and depression

You would be glad to know that sardines contain a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. New studies indicate that there is a strong correlation with omega-3 fatty acids consumption and a lack of depression. This prevents mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. There are many recent studies that have focused on omega-3s and their impact on mental health. These essential fats can play a vital role in boosting mood and maintaining a healthy brain function.

Sardines contain a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. New findings indicate that there is a strong correlation between omega-3 fatty acids and a lack of depression. As a result, they can help prevent mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Key Takeaway

Sardines are a great source of nutritional benefits and selecting them as your food choice will give you many advantages to your health. You would be surprised how beneficial sardines are to a person’s diet so maximize these benefits. Whip up a great sardines recipe for the whole family today!

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