Health Benefits of drinking Tea + Delicious Diet Meal for the week

Delicious Diet has been my partner for the past 2 or 3 months already and I’ve never been happy and most of the time my snack includes either tea or coffee and I always love the tea than the coffee. Though I use to take a shot of coffee before going to Pilates to burn down some fats. I listed some benefits why you should drink more tea than coffee.


Can maintain your heathy weight
Yes you read it right, tea can keep your weight on the healthy side since most of the tea has a compounds that can help loose those fats you stored.

Can hydrate your body despite the “caffeine”

Can help your body to recover from radiation (That’s why I love Tea)

Can make your waist circumference lower. (Oh diba for sure se-sexy ka!)

And there are a lot more benefits, but I think with what I listed, these things will surely make your body on the healthy side while you don’t have to worry about being bloated and you can also keep your body in shape.

Here’s last weeks Delicious Diet meal which includes tea in every snack. That’s why my weight has decrease drastically though I have maintained 70kgs for the last week since I stopped running for a week. Tea has been a great help with my weight loss so if you guys wanted to lose or maintain the weight you have you can insert tea into your drink intake.


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