Happy Birthday to my Forever Boyfriend!

JonnJett Miranda

Most of the time we read about Forever is not true, pero I think I have my forever. Our life may not be forever, but I think I have found my Forever.

Not everyone know my story, but I am opening up now. I was a teenage mom and the baby daddy is a drug dependent and alcoholic then, but I loved him, kahit na super bata pa ako I learned things my way and also with the help of his parents and my parents and to cut that short, we parted ways. I planned to leave him, wala kasi akong magiging buhay sa kanya and my son will be miserable for sure. That’s why I decided to go.

Then, I meet this man. A man who has full of happiness and positive outlook in life, but behind that smile is a hurting heart. So again to cut that short, I ended up marrying the man of my dreams. It was a rough road for us. We have petty fights and quarrels, but at the end of the day we still end up together. Tiniis ko lahat for him and our growing family. He treated my 1st son as his and he even wanted to give his surname for Ahia. Not everything is a fairytale, but we are very happy. Kahit na may mga bagay na complikado. He still wants our marriage to work.

He was a really great father. He’s our provider, a father figure for my 2 son’s, pwede din siya na maging anak ko minsan, He do chores and care for us. For him it’s not all about what he can give materially to the boys, but his time spent with them. The memories that the kids will cherish until the grow up. Kaya saludo ako sa kanya. He never complain na pagod na siya and we are all thankful for that.

That is why masasabi ko na, I have a fair share of Forever. I may not be forever alive, but I will always cherish what we have and on your special day, We wanted you to be happy! You were the best ENGINEER to us and syempre sa boss mo haha 🙂 Some may doubt your capability, but many will still prove that you are the best pag dating sa kuryente. You are the best father to our kids and the best husband for me.

Happy Birthday to our Dennis Trillo! gusto na niya mag pagupit para ka lookalike na niya si Dennis again!

Ayan na yun evolution mo oh!

JonnJett Miranda

JonnJett Miranda

JonnJett Miranda

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