How to Handle Wedding Jitters

After the planning of your wedding, from the catering signing to the sending of invites – you can fully realize that weddings are indeed stressful. There’s all these feelings flowing through your veins that you can just shrug off, and apart from that, you have these thoughts going around your head that you’re finally going to marry the love of your life. But that’s not it, you’re going to spend it until eternity with him! Then just in time, he annoys you.

No worries, it’s normal! Brides often experience that. It just takes some time to get ahead of those feelings to properly handle them and not let them get the best out of you aka you calling him to call it quits.

Accept that things aren’t always going to be perfect.

Due to stress, we often think that things are all going the wrong way. This is bad, this wrong. Things like that. But remember that things aren’t always perfect, there’d be days where you’ll feel annoyed, then awful about yourself. However, these aren’t always significant to your relationship. More importantly, you shouldn’t bother putting petty things above your relationship – because that’s where it all goes wrong. Accept that things aren’t always going to be perfect.

Trust the people around you.

While you may have already designated people to their respective tasks, there’d be uncomfortable times where you’d be anxious about it. The most apparent sign: What if it goes wrong? Along with acceptance, you also have to practice trust. We all know that it’s hard to trust people, but you’ve given them the responsibility to handle the job so you need to realize that you should keep those worries away. It’s not your responsibility anymore, and it’s much easier to work on a particular task when you are given the trust to handle it alone. Don’t stress yourself about it.

Embrace the positive and omit the negative.

This is where the saying don’t rain on my parade should take place, but you have to say it to yourself. It’s one of those things where you yourself is creating those huge bubbles of negativity floating around your head that makes you feel awful about what’s happening, which shouldn’t be the case. You have to be positive, because negative thoughts are only going to ruin what’s becoming in reality. Focus on your relationship and the celebration that is to come. Perhaps about finally seeing your closest pals and relatives after a long time, and honeymooning with your gorgeous spouse at a romantic place!

Talk to your fiancé about your thoughts.

The best thing you can do about the jitters is to talk it out with your fiancé. It’s that thing between you two where you find comfort by being with each other and sharing things that’s bothering you. Who knows, he also has his fair share of worries. Talking things out helps a lot especially if it’s the kind where you feel the help and support of each other.

Key Takeaway

Feel a lot better? You see, you don’t have to prolong your agony about these jitters. After all, they only come once in a lifetime (or more, depends on you) but the thing is – it’s temporary. You only have to do some of these practices to calm it down and make the best out of what’s happening.

As they say, do not make a permanent decision on something that’s temporary.


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