5 Hacks For A More Organized Car

Having a hard time keeping your car organized? Look no further, here’s a few alternatives that you can use in order to keep your items organized, and your car clean and decent to look at.

Make use of a backseat organizer

Most of the time, especially when you have kids, the backseat will always look like a storm passed by it. There are toys, napkins, tumblers, art materials, board games, and other things that would scatter on the seats or even below it.

In order to solve this dilemma, try using a backseat organizer. You can either buy, or make use of an unused shoe organizer at home to fit in the said items at your backseat. You may hang it just behind the passenger seat and you’re done for the day.

Keeping your cup holders clean with cupcake liners

Cleaning your cup holders can be very much of a headache given that they are narrow and most of the time, you’re forgetting about them. Hence, in order to avoid this much hassle, try using cupcake liners and put them inside the cup holders to avoid the dirt from messing around inside. You can actually use them like a trash bag to a trash bin. Filter them out as easy as that!

Utilizing your used tissue paper boxes for plastic bags

Who would know, especially when traveling far away, that plastic bags may come in handy? However, just placing your plastic bags anywhere inside the car may not be helpful, as well. Hence, avoid throwing away used tissue paper boxes, and use them as your plastic bag holder. This may be better than looking for your plastic bag in the middle of a my-kid-is-throwing-up scenario.

Look for plastic baskets for a meal holder

So, you like to eat while you travel? Well, it can be messy to eat in the car, plus the hassle. Just imagine reaching for your burger and it slips out and the grease sticks to your hand. That stinks.

To avoid doing so, try looking for plastic baskets in your mother’s kitchen, or maybe try purchasing one from a dollar store. Look for that type with dividers and which you think can hold your typical meal deal in place. After so, place them beside you while you drive. It’s definitely more fun to eat without unnecessary interruptions.

Keep a laundry basket in your car

Typically, going out for grocery and ending up with a number of paper bags isn’t an ideal view. More so, it can be frustrating leaving them in the backseat with some of the eggs ending up cracking. Now, this is where a laundry basket saves the day. Practice keeping one in the trunk so you’d not need to worry about anything cracking or scattering among your groceries. Furthermore, this will make carrying them out easier as they are already in place.

Organizing things in your car is easy. You may just need to make use of these ideal alternatives in order to keep your car neat and hassle-free.

Furthermore, it helps avoid unnecessary distractions that may affect your driving.



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