Guide to a Pest-free Home

guide pest-free home

The New Year has officially started. For sure, many people have already constructed the resolutions they want to accomplish this 2017. Although admittedly, there will be a number of individuals who will have no idea what things they want to achieve this year. If you are one of these people you need not worry, because here’s one suggestion you can easily do: have a better pest and termite control plan that will keep your house free from these insects.

You can easily achieve this goal by doling the following things:

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Change Your Lights

Keep in mind that pests and flying insects in general are attracted to lights. This is why you should avoid placing lights near your porch and other entrances in your house.But if you already have some placed in these areas, you can avoid attracting them even more by replacing your lights with halogen bulbs. After all, the yellow, orange, and pink colours they have will be less appealing to bugs.

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Pests like to stay in places that are cluttered with wood, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and newspapers. This is because these things can easily turn into their potential hiding spots. Try to store them away as much as possible. Don’t leave them lying around your house. You should also work on your garden and yard. Trim all your bushes and plants often so you do not provide pests a bridge towards your home.


Reduce Moisture

Water and moisture are things that should be minimized in your abode, if you are avoiding pests. Make sure leakage is not happening in and around your home. Check your roof, plumbing, and gutter to avoid this. Leaks often happen after a storm, so be sure to check every time bad weather comes and goes in your area.


Throw Thrash Properly

All the thrash and leftovers at your place should be disposed of properly; it can very well attract pests as well. Contain them in a trash bin with a tight lid. Make a habit to empty them regularly and keep them away from any entrances you have at your place. You would not want to invite pests into your home by placing them near your doors. If you are recycling containers, be sure to wash them before storing them away.

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Store Food Appropriately

Don’t entice pests to come to your home by sharing your food with them. Store them appropriately in places they could not reach. Your cupboard is not a suitable area if it does not fasten because insects can easily get to it otherwise. If you are storing away an open pack of food, keep them in plastic boxes or plastic bags. All fruits should be kept in your fridge to avoid ants and fruit flies from infesting your home.


Maintain Your Home’s Cleanliness

You can maintain your home’s cleanliness by following the previous tips listed above. However, you have to make sure to clean your floor regularly as well, so that pests cannot feast on any crumbs or residue left on it. Be sure to also take care of any spills that may happen immediately and wash your dishes as soon as possible to avoid them cluttering your kitchen’s sink.

You may find this New Year’s resolution to be quite difficult in the beginning. But it can get easy if you make a habit out of it. Remember keeping pests from your place can mean the health and safety of you and your entire household!

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